Every manager, no matter how well they’re able to lead their team today, will eventually need to make way for the next generation of managers. And the people who are going to be filling these jobs are you and me – or rather, our children. But what kind of people should we be investing in?


To answer this question, we’ll take a look at three amazing managers who have already set an excellent example for us all. They have different backgrounds, skill sets and temperaments but one thing they have in common is that they are all incredibly creative individuals with entire careers ahead of them!


The average American worker spends more than 37 hours a week on the job. And yet, according to Glassdoor’s 2017 “Un Compensation Report,” the majority of employees are not happy with their compensation.


It doesn’t have to be this way. One promising solution is management initiatives that focus on creativity and engagement. 

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A company can innovate offsite, create new products or services, make radical changes to an organization’s structure, or collaborate with other companies in ways that previously weren’t possible.

Managerial initiatives like these are designed not only for productivity but also for employee well-being and happiness.


In fact, research by the Organization Development Research Center at the University of Maryland suggests that employees who are engaged at work are 15% more productive than their disengaged counterparts. 

Engagement is a measurable state that can be affected through a variety of efforts, from communication to training to empowerment.


This is why leaders have an obligation to implement management initiatives that promote engagement and collaboration. These initiatives must be innovative yet simple enough for employees to learn and implement themselves. 


And managers need to hire people with these qualities if they truly want their organizations to be more creative, innovative and productive.


Here are five managerial initiatives that can help people increase creativity and collaboration in the workplace:

1. Be a Container


Envision a container that you can put anything into, but nothing can get out until you open its top. That’s what managers should be like. The point of being a container is to guide employees toward their own solutions. Intervening too frequently or trying to give solutions away will only serve to dilute the problem-solving process. Asking questions, creating space for employees to voice ideas, soliciting feedback and making employees aware of how their work contributes to the company’s goals are all ways to create an environment where people are encouraged to think creatively.


2. Use the Right Language


Language and words create meaning and significance, and they can also offer insight into a person’s beliefs and values. Which is why it’s important for managers to use the right language when addressing their employees. Phrases like “you’re not working hard enough,” or “do as I say, not as I do,” only serve to shut down someone’s desire to collaborate and contribute to a problem-solving process. Instead, managers need to use phrases like, “what’s not working well for you?” or “how can we improve things together?” which foster creativity and collaboration.


3. Encourage Employees to Be Innovative


There are many ways managers can promote creativity and collaboration in the workplace, but one of the simplest is to encourage employees to think creatively at their jobs. This doesn’t mean mollycoddling people or taking away their freedoms (unless that’s what you do). Instead, it means asking them for ideas whether it be how they can do their jobs better or taking initiative on an idea of their own. For example, I’m currently working on a TV pilot with several other people. And while I’m really busy with other projects, when my colleagues bring up an idea for the show, I offer to do research or help them in any way that I can.


4. Create Opportunities for People to Collaborate


As the manager in charge of your employees, you need to create opportunities for people to collaborate and work together. One way you can do this is by asking employees to work in teams to meet certain goals or complete specific tasks. For example, I’m part of a project team that is helping other teams around the company come up with new ideas all the time. For this, I spend roughly 50% of my time working on projects with other people, while 50% of my time is spent supporting each team member in any way that I can.


5. Hire People Who Have High Emotional Intelligence


High emotional intelligence is essential for people who want to foster creativity and collaboration in the workplace. This is because it’s linked with: leadership, decision making and quality work life balance all of which promote creativity and collaboration in the workplace. Emotional intelligence consists of three core components: self-awareness, self-regulation and social skills.


Self-awareness helps individuals understand their emotions and feelings, while self-regulation allows them to regulate these emotions effectively. And social skills allow people to effectively communicate with their colleagues and be part of a team where everyone is contributing equally.


These five managerial initiatives can help employees increase creativity and collaboration in the workplace. But they can go even further by hiring people with high emotional intelligence, promoting opportunities for collaboration and encouraging employees to think creatively at their jobs.


Meta Description: Every manager, no matter how well they’re able to lead their team today, will eventually need to make way for the next generation of managers. Luckily, the post is here to give you some more information about amazing and endlessly creative managers of tomorrow.

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