It’s hard to imagine Madonna as anything but the queen of pop, but she started off very differently from her modern day persona. We’re taking a look back at 7 big fashion mistakes that made Madonna’s 80s fashion a self cringe.

This is a list of the biggest Madonna 80s fashion mistakes, in no particular order.

Seven biggest Madonna’s mistakes were:

1. The cone bra

The now-iconic cone bra was a denim corset with metal eyelets and chain, worn by Madonna during her performance in the Blond Ambition Tour in 1990. It was meant to be restrictive, not sexy, but Madonna’s look just looked like fetish gear instead.

Madonna wore this hard-as-rock pink lace bra on the cover of her Material Girl album, but it was a pretty bad idea. It took a lot of padding to fill those cones out, and they didn’t exactly look natural. It’s not like Madonna wanted to be flat chested, but she could have achieved a similar effect in a softer way.

2. The too much lace thing

A lot of designers gave Madonna a hard time for her outrageous lace outfits in the 80s. It was a decade that looked to be going back to the glam rock and biker gear, and Madonna went over the top with hers. We’re not sure what was going on with Madonna’s choice in luxurious fabrics this decade, because lace was her go-to in almost everything she wore from 1985 to 1989. Perhaps she was trying to keep up with Mr. Big himself, but it’s best to let lace take a backseat in your wardrobe.

3. The skintight trousers

Madonna’s skin tight dresses could get the job done, but they didn’t look good. The signs of aging on her body got in the way of her clothes being flattering to her figure, so she should have stopped wearing them by 1985.

Madonna may have been a badass in the skintight catsuits that she wore throughout the decade, but we’re not too sure they were good fashion choices. Not only do they look uncomfortable, they don’t exactly flatter her figure either.

4. The 1980s clothes

Although Madonna is a fashion icon now, her style was very different in the 1980s. Long before she was seen in leather chaps and thigh-high boots, Madonna could easily be described as a punk 80s chick. Sure, Madonna was a cool and chic lady in her early 80s fashion, but she looked naive and old for the rest of the decade. She went too dark for her age and decided to wear skirts that were too short for half of the decade. She also changed from being more punkish with all those bracelets, heavy makeup and avant-garde hairdos to being a bit more corporate.

5. The shoulder pads

This is a pretty classic fashion mistake from the 80s. Not only did Madonna wear shoulder pads in almost every single outfit she had on, but she also wore them way too big. Madonna was quite slim and didn’t need a lot of padding in her outfits.

Madonna was never known to dress conservatively, but shoulder pads took it a step further this decade. They were popping up all over Madonna’s outfits in 1986 and 1987, which made even average outfits look fancy by comparison.

6. The crazy hair

Madonna’s hair was an obsession throughout the decade, which is probably why we see this as one of her biggest mistakes. She went through so many different hairstyles that the New York Times says were “more in a film than they were in real life.

We know Madonna was a fan of experimentation in her music and fashion choices at this point, but she went too far with her hair. She chopped off the sides of her hair, turned it into an afro and wore it that way for years. It looked alright in the “Justify My Love” video, but for everyday wear it just didn’t work out.

7. The wardrobe clean-out

Madonna’s wardrobe was filled with bold, colorful and creative pieces in the beginning of the decade. She went on a major shopping spree at this time and filled her wardrobe with bright colored and shiny clothes by designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Madonna’s wardrobe was always heavily theatrical, but she started to wear a lot of bright gold and brightly colored outfits this decade as well. They looked great at one point, but the more she wore this stuff, the less it worked out. It’s best to use glamor sparingly in your wardrobe and save the bright colors for a few special occasions.


When you start looking at Madonna’s 80s fashion choices, you are bound to get excited about her look in each season of her life from then on. It was one of the most iconic fashion periods that saw many great outfits come out of our favorite pop icon’s closet along with tons of other great looks. There is no doubt that Madonna had some brilliant ideas for looking great back then, but there were also some big fashion mistakes she made along the way as well.


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