Car Accident

In today’s stressful world, it’s easy to let one mistake snowball and cause a chain reaction. Unfortunately, errors are something that we all make unintentionally and often don’t even notice until it is too late. For the best chance of coming out unharmed from a car accident, it is important always to be mindful of your actions on the road. This article will cover the five major car accident rogers, ar today mistakes you can easily avoid:

  • Sluggish driving.
  • Drunk driving.
  • Paying more attention to your phone than to the road.
  • Driving without due care or caution when needed because you got angry with someone else on the road.
  • Using the wrong tires for your car.

1) Sluggish Driving

It may be one of the most common car accidents Rogers mistakes, but in reality, it is still one of the most dangerous. If you are driving too slowly, you will be more likely to fall behind the traffic flow and get rear-ended by another car. In this case, you would find yourself behind the wheel of a damaged vehicle that is no longer under your control. Slow driving puts everyone at a higher risk for an accident and puts others around you at more risk. If you are forced to stop suddenly, you may be doing other drivers even more harm.

2) Drunk Driving

Whether it is legal or not, drinking and driving is never a good idea. People drink for many reasons, but they should always remember one thing: drinking and driving can kill or seriously injure someone else as you drive away. When under the influence of alcohol, a person will lose their ability to make good decisions on the road. They will also be much more likely to get into an accident if a police officer pulls them over during these times. Police officers will be able to smell the alcohol and know that the person is intoxicated. This can happen even though the person may not be visibly impaired.

3) Driving While Texting or Using a Cell Phone

A new study found that texting while driving is much more dangerous than driving with a teenage driver. The study showed nearly a 1,000 percent increase in accidents for teenage drivers compared to adult drivers, yet only .24 percent of the accidents were caused by texting while driving. This shows that keeping your phone out of reach is crucial to taking control of your car and putting yourself at risk when you are behind the wheel.

4) Not Knowing Your Limits on the Highway.

It is important to know your limits. If you notice falling behind on the Highway, it’s best to pull over as soon as possible and let someone else drive until you are ready to continue. This will help to avoid a car accident altogether. Using the turn signal when you need to take a turn can fall under this category, too. It does not matter how good of an idea is for you personally. If you don’t know your road limits, it’s also dangerous for other drivers and pedestrians around you. You may end up hitting another car or, even worse, killing someone.

5) Using the wrong tires for your car.

If you are driving a car that is not appropriate for the season in which it is being used, you could put yourself and others in danger. For example, if snowbanks are on the road and you drive a vehicle that weighs more than 1,000 pounds and doesn’t have large snow tires, your tires will sink into the snow because they aren’t designed for driving on ice. This can cause an accident.

Each of these Rogers mistakes puts you at risk of being in a car accident. Keep these in mind when driving so you don’t put yourself or others around you at risk.

Why it’s important to avoid them.

It would help if you always remembered that it is up to you to protect yourself and the people around you while driving. When it comes to car accidents, there are no do-overs. Therefore, you must never take anything for granted when you are driving. Always follow all traffic laws so that no one will get hurt in your vehicle or by someone else’s vehicle due to your negligence or mistakes on the road. It is a lot easier than some may think to make mistakes on the road, even if we don’t notice them at first glance.


Hopefully, you can avoid these car accidents Rogers mistakes listed in this article so that you never have to find out what it is like to be hurt in an accident. Knowing your surroundings, driving within your limits, and appropriately using all safety tools available while driving on the roads is a great way to ensure that neither you nor anyone else around you ends up injured.


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