It’s hard to imagine how bad things could be if Donald Trump were in the White House, but we may soon find out. So before you do anything else, make sure that you don’t make any of these ten mistakes and put your self-esteem at risk like trumpadjacent delights meyers.

10 biggest Trump mistakes you can avoid are:

1. Do not mistake Trump’s wealth for intelligence. 

He rose to fame almost exclusively on the strength of his name and inherited wealth. His lack of knowledge or experience didn’t matter all that much when he was a reality TV star, but it matters a whole lot more when he’s President of the United States.

2. Do not mistake Trump’s bigotry for wisdom. 

Trump is a bigot, and he’s going to behave like a bigot, because that’s what bigots do. He doesn’t care about race or gender or anything else. He only cares about money and power for the sake of power and money. Trump is notoriously prejudiced, as his bigoted remarks about Mexican rapists, Muslims and African-Americans demonstrate quite clearly. Everyone has prejudices, but you can use them as a means of promoting tolerance by educating yourself about people who are different from you and by valuing diversity in your community and workplace.

3. Do not mistake Trump’s recklessness for bravery. 

Donald Trump is a coward who ran away from military service and has made insulting remarks about other people’s courage. Real bravery means seizing the day and living life alive. It also means using caution when you make decisions that could have far-reaching consequences, such as electing a President.

4. Do not mistake Trump’s misogyny for strength. 

Trump has called women pigs and dogs, and he used to give interviews in which he rated women on a scale of 1 to 10—a score of 10 being the best. How can you respect someone like that? If you do, it will make it harder for you to form relationships with women, which in turn will make your life very lonely indeed.

5. Do not mistake Trump’s cruelty for strength. 

Trump’s cruelty is not strength. Cruelty is how a coward bullies people who are weaker than them. Strength comes from treating people with kindness and respect, and that’s how we were meant to live our lives. Trump has said that he likes to treat women like trophies and that rape should be celebrated. This kind of thinking makes it impossible to respect the rights of women and their human dignity, which are non-negotiable values in our society.

6. Do not mistake Trump’s ignorance for knowledge. 

Trump has stated on numerous occasions that he doesn’t know anything about how our government works and that if it weren’t for his life as a celebrity he would never have been able to enter real estate development. Human history is full of famous people who know virtually nothing about politics, so why should we expect Trump to be any different?

7. Do not mistake Trump’s arrogance for confidence. 

Trump is famous for being full of himself, as he is constantly bragging about his own superiority and success. He believes that he never fails, and that everyone else around him is failing because they are no good. Such thinking will only end up getting him into trouble.

8. Do not mistake Trump’s hatefulness for wisdom. 

Trump has made many outrageous remarks about entire ethnic groups and political parties, usually with the intention of stirring up hatred and anger to boost his own reputation and that of his supporters. This sort of attitude is not conducive to increasing tolerance and understanding, which are values that our society needs if it is ever to become stronger.

9. Do not mistake Trump’s racism for wisdom. 

Donald Trump has said that the US has too many immigrants, who have made America weak in comparison with other countries around the world. This kind of thinking will only lead America to become less prosperous, less diverse and more prone to discrimination against minorities. If you have any hopes that Trump will be a force for improving our own or other countries’ social, economic or political climate in a positive way, you should be very disappointed indeed.

10. Do not mistake Trump’s ignorance for wisdom. 

Trump is well aware of his own ignorance, and his many appearances on TV shows and in interviews have done nothing to change that fact. He says things that are manifestly false without a second thought, which suggests that he isn’t particularly interested in truth. Furthermore, he has shown an ingrained incapacity for doing research ahead of time, so if you do give him any advice or decide that you want to help him with something it will be very difficult for you to know what you are talking about or to get through to him.


Trump’s ignorance is dangerous enough to make you want to put a stop to him and set up an anti-Trump organization. But if you want to stay neutral on the issue, hopefully this list of ten mistakes will be of help.

Thank you for your time!


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