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Today, people can explore plenty of investment opportunities to try and make some extra cash. It can be something as fun as logging into placing real money wagers and waiting to see if you will walk away with some winnings. Other top options include high-yield savings accounts, bonds, stocks, real estate, and cryptocurrency. This article will focus on how to make money by trading crypto. Before looking into ingenious ways to earn cash with crypto, here is a brief explanation of what cryptocurrency is all about.

What Is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be described as a digital or virtual currency that secures transactions with cryptographic techniques that enable people to trade, sell, or buy them securely. Cryptocurrencies circulate without the need for a central monetary authority like a bank or government. Instead, they use a decentralized system to issue new units and record transactions. This allows anyone to send and receive payments from anywhere.

Because all crypto payments exist purely as digital entries, it’s also important to note that cryptocurrency is usually stored in digital wallets and uses encryption to verify transactions to offer safety and security. While thousands of cryptocurrencies exist, examples of the best known are:

  • Bitcoin 
  • Ethereum 
  • Ripple 
  • Litecoin

With this in mind, let’s dive into some of the legitimate ways of making cash trading crypto.

Day Trading

Engaging in day trading is one of cryptocurrency’s most lucrative ways of making money. You need to understand how you will analyze prices to determine whether the token you have your eyes on is likely to fall or increase in value. Making the correct assumptions will help you make a ton of cash during the day.

It’s typically best to take advantage of short-term volatility when participating in day trading. Note that most seasoned traders in the market will rarely hold onto a position for more than 24 hours. The objective is to open numerous positions throughout the day to make smaller yet frequent profits. You do not even have to be up 24/7 to conduct day trading. There is the option of seeking help to complete this task by using strategies like 

Using Trading Bots

These are automated programs that operate online executing functions using artificial intelligence based on pre-established parameters. With these bots, traders do not miss any opportunities or trades because you can automatically sell, buy, or hold assets in an efficient, timely, and automated manner anytime from anywhere in the globe. Be sure to choose the trading bots to use wisely if you want to earn as much profit as possible. There’s usually an option of free or paid bots. Read reviews of the different options available to use one that supports multiple strategies, integrates social trading, allows user customization, and suits your level of trading. 

Consider Liquidity and Volume

Before deciding on the crypto to target with day trading; it is essential to think about volume. It refers to the amount of trading activity the digital currency attracts over a while (usually 24 hours). Liquidity is the amount of capital available in a particular market. Naturally, cryptocurrencies that offer greater liquidity usually attract more volume, making it easier for traders to enter and exit positions at reasonable prices.  

Traditional Buy and Hold

This technique of making money from crypto is ideal for persons who are not afraid of taking risks. It involves buying crypto assets when prices dip and holding them for months or even years, hoping to sell them at a profit. The cost of established crypto coins rises and falls almost daily. However, looking at the charts, coins like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin seem to be showcasing an upward trend over the years. New coins usually debut at higher prices because of the hype but later lose value and require more time to become steady again. At times, new coins can also disappear from the market if there are not enough buyers; thus, you must also be cautious.

Always read the whitepaper for the currency you want to invest in. It will give you an idea of its purpose and origin to know if it can stand the test of time. Remember, you need proper analytical and technical skills to be a successful trader. Some trading strategies you can use to help you make good money include:

  1. Diversifying trade – combine various digital currencies to minimize daily risk.
  2. Use technical analysis – practicing technical indicators can help you justify all your trades.
  3. Watch trading time – choose the time that matches your schedule.
  4. Minimize trading cost – pick a trustworthy exchange with low fees.
  5. Follow trustworthy crypto news – it will help you stay ahead of the market.

Closing Thoughts 

Many people get into cryptocurrency to make a killing, but not all end up making a profit. Above, we have highlighted ways to earn money with digital currency without becoming a victim of the ever-rising crypto scams. 


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