First things first, what is a Snapchat scam? I’m glad you asked! A Snapchat scammer is someone who tries to steal your personal information on the app by pretending to be interested in you and your private messages. It’s just a form of cyber-stalking. These scfans shop scammers might want to know your address or contact details so that they can reach out to you at home and manipulate you or even attack from behind in order to get the goods on their wish list.

10 ways to defeat Snapchat scammer are:

1. Delete the app.

This is the first thing that you should do if you receive a message from someone you don’t know. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to important data like your personal information.

Plus, Snapchat has confirmed that if you don’t have any in-app messages from this strange person, then it’s a scammer. You will never hear from them again after your voice mail or voicemail box is full of messages about what an amazing time they’re having in Paris and how great life is outside of your area.

2. Verify the phone number 

It’s very important to verify the phone number that is connected to your account. Resolve it from your telephone provider or use a site like White Pages or If you see a suspicious phone number attached to your account, you can make sure that it has nothing to do with an imposter before deleting the app.

3. Never share personal info with anyone 

Never give out any personal information on Snapchat, especially if you have only recently started talking to this person. Also, if they ask for money at any time (such as an emergency), just hang up the phone or block them immediately. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

4. Use unique recovery emails 

If you realize that something is not right about the account, send them an email of your own instead of using the one provided to you by Snapchat. Always change the recovery email on your account after every time a new hack or scam happens.

5. Report the scammer 

As long as Snapchat is not an official company, they cannot do anything to undo a bad situation once it goes viral. However, if you believe that they will take care of their customers in this situation, then report them to your local authorities who can put a stop to it. Another good thing about reporting is that it has been found out that most scammers don’t even have access to smartphones so there won’t be any personal information at all.

6. Manage your time 

Even though you’re doing something on Snapchat every day, you have to keep an eye on it. Keep an ear to the ground so that you can stay up to date with everything. You’ve got to keep tabs on Snapchat in order to see what’s new and exciting from the app’s recent “A-listers.” Or else, why did you download it in the first place?

7. Go incognito 

If someone is messaging you about an exciting vacation or event, chances are good that they’re just spamming with fake information. Incognito mode will help you more than it will help them. It will show you the last thing that they’ve sent and make it easier to know what’s really going on.

8. Upgrade your account 

If you start receiving more messages than you can handle, that is a sign of a scammer. Snapchat has said that if an account is getting flooded with too many messages or they are being sent by the same person, then they will begin to suspect something is wrong and may have already done so in order to distinguish their different persons through their use of different accounts.

9. Know where the company stands 

While Snapchat has been known to get back to their customers in the past, they are not bound by law to help you with your issue. The only thing that they are going to do is tighten up the security on the app so that this doesn’t happen again. If a user goes missing for a long time, then it’s usually because the company took action against them and shut down the account. You can check out the official Snapchat account to hear what they have to say.

10. Check on word of mouth 

If someone you know has had a similar experience and their information was leaked or stolen, it is better that you trust your friends rather than be taken in by an imposter. You can also read other experiences from people near and far so that you can see what others have gone through recently.


If you wish to keep your account from being hacked and secured from any kind of Snapchat scam, always check on the information of your account before you log in. Snapchat Scammer Is Your Worst Enemy. 


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