The Crypto igaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in gambling, second only to online poker. And while it’s easy to find a host of reports on the revenue and profit figures, this article aims to focus on whether you’ve made an impact on crypto gaming and blockchain marketing.

1. Expansion

When you were a small-scale operator, you didn’t have much red tape to cut through to launch your own cryptocurrency casino on the blockchain, and you didn’t have many overhead costs. Your biggest marketing expense was a token bonus for whoever signed up, but as your company grew, so did the number of employees. The hosting provider you settled with provided cheap digital server space but limited the resources you needed to provide a top-notch experience; they should have included better hardware when they promised a feature-rich platform.

Because of this, expansion and restructuring became inevitable, and that included hiring more staff to handle everything from security threats to customer service. And then the day came when you were able to add a new game to your casino, but not without a hitch. After it was running for a few weeks, you noticed that some users had an issue with the games; with luck, all of them were resolved.

2. Community Growth

When you first started out, you didn’t need to worry about attracting new players. It wasn’t until your site was busy in peak hours that you actually looked back and thought about how much traffic had come from referrals and how many were from social media platforms like Twitter or Reddit. But when you started to plan out your next move, you realized that more social media platforms were the way to go.

For every platform that you joined, you gained more exposure. You set up a Facebook page and started a YouTube channel as well. With some free time at hand, you tried your hand at writing a blog post and articles for websites like this one. Soon after, your chatter rose on forums and other online platforms and communities that catered to crypto players who loved gambling.

3. Your Community

All those years of struggling – realizing that you couldn’t get anywhere without advice from the people who had been there before – made you an expert in this field. Sure, you were still a rookie with more to learn and more to do, but when a new player joined up and wanted to know how to play, you were able to recommend the best online casinos for them. Find here.

4. Advanced Technology

When you started out hosting your games on the Ethereum blockchain, all you had was Ether and a copy of Solidity that needed some tinkering before it could be used for building your casino. There were no templates or frameworks (if there were, they weren’t open source yet) or any proven coding languages available. In fact, there were no templates at all. So you had to learn from scratch, but with a little self-belief and determination, you managed to get a lot done and didn’t have much money left in your budget.

But then a few years later, you became familiar enough with the latest coding languages to be able to create a gaming engine that integrates all of its features. You can now build your own games once only available on the blockchain. This enabled you to take things one step further, giving players the ability to bootstrap their own games on your platform thanks to its easy-to-use interface – and without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

5. A Dedicated Team

Your first employee was the security expert who helped you launch your site with the right protections in place, which is why you couldn’t survive without them. But then, you needed a second person to handle the customer service and community outreach – a social media manager. Next came a graphic designer and an app designer for UX and UI purposes. Soon enough, it was apparent that you needed more than one software engineer to make your ideas come to life, so you hired more techies.

You now have a full-time team that’s dedicated to making your platform better with every update, from new features to bug fixes – all because of their expertise in what they do.

6. Too Busy To Handle Everything

While you were busy growing your company, from setting up partnerships for outreach to creating new games, you realized that you needed a small team to help handle everything else. Your software engineers and graphic designers were happy to divide tasks between them, but an addition to your payroll was inevitable: someone to manage everyone, who would also act as a project manager. With a clear vision in mind, they began delegating work right away and reported on progress every week.

7. A Stronger Brand

When you started out in Crypto igaming, you had no idea what it meant to have a brand – or the need for one. But then, you realized that people and investors wouldn’t invest in your company to make money; they would only invest so that you wouldn’t lose money at BlockChain. By investing in your brand, you could reach out to customers who were ready and willing to gamble – those who were already playing on other platforms.

With the help of the brand strategist, it was easier for you to market your platform – and all its features – as a premium one by setting up a website and creating digital advertisements. Your business is booming thanks to marketing efforts that are more sophisticated today than when you first started out.


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