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Selling an old phone is a hassle-free way to make some extra cash. Not only that, but you’ll also help reduce the amount of electronic waste in our landfills and help provide cash to other families who are unable or deserve a new phone. Sprint store is a great place for selling used phones. People usually use their phones for some time and then they need a replacement. These old devices are just lying there and you can find them just like that.

The best trading places is an electronic store where they have technicians who will provide you a setting up session so that your phone will be compatible with the new service providers or only make sure of the battery level if it’s still running. And then you can easily sell your phones to these companies without any hassles. Many people believe that selling your old phone is a complicated task that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. However, with the many tips outlined below, you’ll be able to make some fast cash without much effort.

Seven Various Ways To Do Cell Phones :

1. Taking it to an electronic store

The majority of stores today offer trade-in services. For example, they provide phones that can be registered with a new service provider as well as get a free phone casing, free chargers and even a camera. Most of the time, the price is higher than market value, but this way you get rid of your old device without any hassle.

2. Selling it on eBay

eBay is known as an online auction site where you can sell almost anything. You should, however, make sure all of your old devices are in working order or they will be worth very little. The most difficult part of this method is finding a buyer since it’s difficult to know how much your items will actually sell for and dealing with shipping charges can be expensive. Also, consider what percentage eBay will take from your earnings and whether you will receive the money in time.

3. Selling your phones to phone recycling centers

Most of the time these companies will accept any device and once you provide them with the model number, they can give you a price on how much it will sell for. You’ll find that most of these places are expensive since you’re getting rid of outdated devices.

4. Selling your phones to phone retailer’s online shop

There are many retailers who offer some type of digital device that can be sold at a lower price than the store. Although you cannot sell an Apple iPhone on this platform, but other products like laptops, desktops and other electronic devices are available at different prices. These sites provide a simple way to sell your phones and you’ll be paid in your bank account within a few days.

5. Selling it on Craigslist

Craigslist is another online marketplace where you can post ads for free about anything under the sun. When selling a cell phone on Craigslist, you should remember that you’re dealing with strangers and unless you know how to evade scammers, this method is not recommended at all.

6. Selling it through Facebook groups or local product sale pages

Facebook groups are great forums where people ask questions, offer feedback and have general discussions about almost everything they like. Making a post selling your cell in these communities is quite easy. You can find a reputable Facebook page and make an initial post that will be seen by millions of people. The best part about selling your cell phones through Facebook groups is that you can receive instant payment.

7. Selling your cell phones at a local auction site

Some local cities have auction houses where they conduct auctions once a month. These are places where marketplaces pay you to hand over your old cell phone so that they can turn it into cash. Although this method is very simple, you have to go to the auction house, wait in line and place your phone on their platform. 

If you want more cash for your phone, consider placing it with the highest bidder first and then offer other people in line some money for their phones as well. You should also consider selling things like laptops, computers and other electronic devices to avoid having them sit around for too long.These are just some of the many ways to get rid of your old cell phone. You’re sure to find one that best fits your lifestyle needs. We hope that you find this article helpful, it might just help you make some cash in the process!


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