Everything is fake! We’re surrounded by a lifestyle that thrives on image, yet it’s never more important than the clothes you wear. It turns out that when it comes to fashion there are some ugly truths lurking in the shadows. They don’t make fashion any prettier when they’re brought into the light of day but they do remind us of why we should think twice before putting on our next outfit. Femboy fashion is a growing trend in the west and this fad is not new. Femboy men have been around for hundreds of years, but you can’t blame some of them for thinking that their fashion choices are new, considering how much the media attention has grown recently. 

Seven Ugly Truth About Fashion :

1. Fashion is Expensive

You don’t have to live like a lumberjack or anything, but in the end, you still have to spend money for good clothes. It takes time and effort to put on your vintage threads and make them look like they just arrived from the stores last week. Hell, even the cheaper clothes can look like they’re worth a million dollars if you know what you’re doing with them.

2. Fashion Complicates Things

You’ve seen fashion magazines. Everyone who’s in their right mind would know that fashion is a powerful thing, it has a way of making you feel better about yourself. It makes you look better, it makes you prettier and it makes you stand out. But fashion also complicates things. 

When people’s first impressions of you are based around your clothes, they’re going to see through anything that might be off from the dress code – even if your head is in a cloud! It’s best to stay away from this kind of pointless complication as long as possible. It shouldn’t be considered in the first place; just focus on yourself and your personality and let those things speak for themselves.

3. Fashion is Serious Business

It’s true that fashion is one of the most powerful things in today’s modern world. People spend insane amounts of money on clothing, jewelry, accessories and the like. Just think about it: rich celebrities spend an awful lot on clothes! They buy a ton of outfits so they won’t run out of stuff to wear when they’re out for events and whatnot. Their closets are decked out with designer clothing and everything looks good on them even though it costs a fortune.

4. Fashion Breaks Your Budget

We already talked about how expensive fashion can get but now it’s time to go deeper into the subject. You could compare how much time and money people spend on fashion to drugs and alcohol. Take a person with a steady job and an average salary; he might spend hundreds of dollars on clothing in just a month, which isn’t really that much. But what if he decides to get into the drug world? First off, he changes his clothing style: instead of wearing those plain suits or that white shirt and jeans, he begins wearing black t-shirts and leather jackets. He thinks it’s “cooler” than what he used to wear but it’s not. 

Then he begins to make money in ways that aren’t necessarily legal but profitable – like running a drug business and selling his products to people. Soon he’s making more and more money, so much in fact that he can now afford a new apartment, a nice car and go on trips just because. But at what cost? It might sound like fun now but it’s not; you get caught up with the wrong people who could lead you to ruin your life for good.

5. Fashion is Unrealistic

People should be comfortable with their clothes from head to toe, no matter what they wear. In other words, clothing shouldn’t be a subject that makes you happy or angry. No one should ever have to wish to have something “in style”. There are so many trends today that are stupid and so unrealistic; you’re practically doomed to fail when you try to copy them. 

You see all kinds of different things on the streets that people should never be allowed to wear. Even if you don’t believe in fashion, it’s important for us all as human beings that we show the world that we can take care of ourselves on our own without depending on someone else for anything – especially fashion.

6. Fashion Doesn’t Last

People don’t know this fact but fashion is nothing more than trends that come and go just like the seasons. They might seem exciting and new at first but after a couple of weeks, you’ll already see those same clothes in some other person’s closet or on some other woman. 

It’s best to take a long-term approach to wearing clothing, not a short-term one – especially when it comes to fashion. It’s also a good thing if you’re wearing something that doesn’t fit you perfectly; you should wear clothes that are loose fitting so they can breathe properly and make sure your body looks great!

7. Fashion is Ugly

This one I find to be the best of them all. Even though fashion today is one of the most attractive things in this world, it’s also one of the most ugly. There’s nothing wrong with holding beauty and style in high regard, but not at the cost of your own self-worth. 


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