It’s never been easier to see the world. With the power of the internet and a little bit of research, you can plan trips to any country with ease. You can even go on vacation with your dog! The possibilities are endless, and the world is opening up.


You don’t need to be wealthy anymore to see the top sights of the world. 

From bargain airfare deals, weekend getaways, and free hotel stays, here are ten ways you can travel for cheap. Ilventofailsuogiro has some more awesome ways so that you can travel for cheap.


  • Travel Through Europe With Eurail Passes


Europe is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Many people dream of roaming the streets and visiting all of Europe’s most popular cities and attractions. You can save money by traveling through Europe with a Eurail pass. These passes let you travel freely throughout many European countries for a duration of up to two months. And, you can pick and choose which countries you want to visit during your 2-month period as long as they’re included as part of your pass (some aren’t).

Eurail passes offer a lot of flexibility if you’re traveling off the beaten path. You’ll save money on your food and sightseeing expenses, and you can visit places that other travelers usually avoid.

Each country’s Eurail pass offered by Rail Europe offers different travel times and ticket prices. For example, France’s train system offers trains between Paris and Lyon in about 30 minutes and costs about $19 US per day for a one-way trip or $176 US for a six-day pass.


  • Work During Your Vacation


 For many people, the biggest travel expense is airfare to get home after they’ve returned from their vacation in Europe or Asia. Why not stay a little longer and work a few hours to earn the money for your plane ticket home?

Since you don’t have to work for long, you can usually get a short-term job abroad via sites like Intrepid Travel or Remote Year. As an example, you could work at a hostel reception desk in exchange for free accommodation and food.


  • Ditch the Big Hotel Chains


Why spend hundreds of dollars on a hotel room when you can spend hundreds of dollars on plane tickets instead? Many people dream of staying in some of the world’s most expensive suites at famous hotels like The Savoy in London or The Ritz in Paris, but these places are overrated.


It’s better to stay at a cheaper hotel that offers more bang for your buck. 

Here are some places that offer great rooms for less money:


1. Airbnb 


If you want to travel like a local, Airbnb is one of the best ways to do it. This site lets you rent apartments and rooms from local hosts all over the world. You can usually find reasonably priced accommodations in trendy neighborhoods, but sometimes you have to be flexible with your dates because Airbnb only has so much inventory available.


2. HomeStay 


Many popular travel destinations have programs where you can stay with a local host who will show you around the city and introduce you to their lifestyle first-hand. You’ll save money and meet interesting people.


3. Hostels 


Hostels are a great way to meet other travelers on the road because you’re usually sharing rooms with strangers! During your stay, you can compare travel stories, ask each other for travel tips, and pick up on cheap or free activities that are happening in the area. You can also get insider tips from the staff about the best places to visit during your trip.


4. Cruise Ship 


This option isn’t cheap, but it’s worth considering if you want to see several countries over a period of several weeks without wasting money on airfare. The more time you buy your ticket for, the cheaper it’ll be.


5. Hitchhike 


If you’re traveling solo or with a partner, hitching is a fun way to meet locals and see the country on a budget. However, hitching can be dangerous because you’re often meeting people who are strangers off of popular travel routes. Make sure to research the area you plan on hitching through before attempting this travel hack!


6. Stay in Hostels for Cheap 


Many hostels will let you stay for free if you volunteer to help out around the hostel or office during your stay. You can also earn free nights by staying several nights at one hostel! Check out for lists of hostel programs.


7. Rent a Room on Airbnb 


If you want to get the most bang for your buck, try staying in someone’s home or apartment for free or cheap during your trip. It’s called “Airbnb” after the website that lets you rent people’s bedrooms!


8. Stay at Hotel Hostels 


Hotel hostels are another great way to save money on accommodations while traveling. They’re usually cheaper than hotels, especially when you book in advance or get a room with fewer amenities (like no hot tubs). Check out for lists of hotel hostels in Europe and Asia!


9. Stay with Friends 


Many European cities have hotel-like hostel options that let travelers stay in people’s homes. There are usually no meals included, but you can save money by staying with host families. Hostels may look like hostels, but they’re not! They’re hotels with rooms for travelers.


10. Consider Backpacking Through Europe 


With all of its rich history and beautiful countryside, there are plenty of overpriced “tourist traps” across the continent. You can pick up some of these same experiences for a fraction of the cost by camping outside and hiking through the local countryside. 


Backpacking through Europe is especially fun if you travel with a European friend. You’ll get to eat together, stay in the same hotels, and help each other out with planning and execution. Backpacking can also be a great option for couples traveling together because it’s very romantic and you’ll rarely spend more than $20/day on lodging!


Meta Description: It’s never been easier to see the world. With the power of the internet and a little bit of research, you can plan trips to any country with ease. The post is here to give you the best ways so that you can travel for cheap.


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