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Many people have heard of the “homeless who live in their cars”, but few know the challenges they face when it comes to staying warm. They experience low temperatures while living in vehicles that, unlike homes and apartments, are not sealed or heated. To help educate those who have never lived in a vehicle before and those unaware of some of these struggles, here is a list of tips on how you can stay warm when living homeless in your car. How to stay warm in car homeless ? If you live in your car and are looking for ways to stay warm, the first thing we recommend is for you to get out of the vehicle and go into a shelter. If you have a disability that prevents you from staying at a shelter, there are other options for getting out of the weather. 

For example, if there are no shelters near you and it is raining or snowing outside, consider going to a church to sit in their lobby or dining hall. While churches generally do not allow the homeless to stay overnight on-site, they can provide warmth which can help prevent hypothermia and frostbite. If a church is not available nearby, another option would be stores like Walmart and Target. You can often find a group of people in the front desk or eating area and that place will be warmer than regular stores. One of the best tips we have heard is to bring blankets and pillows if possible, but to sit near the back of the store or restaurant where there is no heat. While it is not the most ideal option, you can use blankets and pillows to put between your legs and use for warmth. Finally, if none of these options are available to you, perhaps going into a good sized grocery store like Walmart or Target will provide you some shelter from the cold as well.

Secrets About How To Stay Warm In Car Homeless Only A Handful Of People Know :

1. Preheat your vehicle.

Before you leave the house in your car, make sure it is heated to a comfortable temperature. If you do not want to turn the heater on, use the sun and your body to heat up the inside of your car. You can also use a small blanket or make a small micro-oven using cardboard boxes or an ice chest/ice tray. Find some sort of heat source that keeps you warm and move yourself slowly from one side of the vehicle to another until you feel warm enough. Also, do not forget that when sitting in your car, you can be exposed to traffic exhaust so try not to sit near the front of your vehicle.

2. Use a flashlight to heat up the inside of your car.

If you do not want to wait until you get in your vehicle to warm up, use a flashlight and keep yourself warm by turning on the light beams. Be careful not to use too much light so as not to blind yourself with excessive heat buildup. However, using too little light can make it very difficult for you to see what is happening around you and that can potentially be dangerous for your safety.

3. Buy a car heater.

Another option to help keep you warm in car homeless is buying a car heater for your vehicle. If you are willing to spend money on the heater, buying one can be a better option than spending time and money on blankets and pillows as they will provide you with more warmth and comfort. Check out our top list of the best car heaters currently available on the market.  If your budget is limited, there are many portable heaters that you can use to keep yourself warm while sitting in your vehicle. You can get them at any local store and they are relatively cheap.

4. Frostbite prevention.

Another way to keep yourself warm in your car homeless is by using frostbite prevention. It is important that you protect your face and hands as frostbite can cause severe damage to the skin and cause a loss of sight in some cases. To prevent frostbite, it is essential that you ensure you are properly dressed for the weather. This includes wearing a hat and gloves, but also having socks on at all times since proper socks will help prevent cold from traveling up the leg of your body and into your feet and cause frostbite there too. If you do get frostbite, immediately go to the hospital and seek medical help.

5. The sun is your best friend.

Using the sun as a heat source is a great way to stay warm in car homeless. However, it can be dangerous if you are too close to it for long periods of time so try not to use too much energy from the sun.  Place yourself behind cover like trees or buildings and use an umbrella if you want something else like sunshine protection.


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