If you’re not already familiar with Scramble Games, it’s an addicting word game like word whizzle brief that pits you against one of your Facebook friends to unscramble as many words in a certain time frame as possible. The more letters in the word, the more points you are awarded. It’s a fun game but as with all games, there is a level of strategy that you can use to maximize your performance.

If you want to increase your English skill, or want to test your friends in a fun and easy way, then Scramble Games is something you don’t want to miss. They’re very addictive and have been proven to help raise students’ English fluency.

In this article I’ll be teaching you 8 tips for playing the game and increasing your score.

1) Use Your Mouse 

Some people may argue that it’s not a good idea but I’ve found that it’s effective. Instead of typing out the letters, spell out the words instead. This is a great way to increase your score and it teaches you some spelling rules that you already might know in English but haven’t used much yet.

2) Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Mouse 

It’s not going to make your score better by snapping your fingers and swiping quickly. Practice using the mouse carefully and accurately as it’s a skill that you’re using over and over again in many different games.

3) How Far Along Should You Go?

The more letters that are in a word, the more points (aka coins) you will be awarded. But how far along should you go? You don’t want to go too far and waste time thinking of a word that might not exist.

Here’s what I like to do: I start off with the first letter and if a playable word starts forming, I’ll continue on until the word is completed. This way you can save time and look for more words.

4) The Same Letters Means the Same Sound

Back to the first tip about using your mouse. It’s important to know which letters you’re looking for because, let’s say you are looking for an I, it could be an “ee” or “i”. The next one might be a Q which can also be an “oo”, M, and more. 

When you are playing Scramble, hover over each letter by pressing on them and seeing if they’re inside their little boxes. If they are, that means you can use them in a word. If not, then you can move on to the next letter and keep going until you find some letters that are in their boxes.

5) Try and Sidestep As Much As You Can

When I move my piece to a new grid, I do so in an “S” pattern. What this does is not only help you but also your opponent. It forces your opponent to go further along as well thus giving them less time to form their words. Also it helps out if there is any letter that is in the middle of a word already being played, because you can place your piece on either side of it and still be able to make a word from it.

6) Play Clean

The goal is to try and make as many clean words possible. A clean word in Scramble means that it consists of only letters from the grid and no letters that are already played. So if there’s a chunk of a word left, place your piece there and play across it to clear it up.

7) Try Not To Move If You Have A Good Word

Now, this point isn’t as important if you don’t care about those pesky points but sometimes it’s best to play a smaller word than leaving a larger one. Especially if that larger word will leave your opponent with a bunch of blank spaces that they can take full advantage of. Wait until you’re near the end before jumping in and trying to make your word too soon. It’s better to play a good word than an inaccurate one.

8) Don’t Panic.

Don’t be afraid to leave a word blank if you’re not sure that you have it right. Don’t force yourself to make something happen just because there’s a timer ticking down. Keep calm and play your best game of Scramble Games yet. If you’re in a time crunch, don’t panic. You can still save yourself by using tips 1-7 to your advantage. It’s not the end of the world if you make one mistake, even two mistakes as long as you catch it before it’s too late.


Remember in Scramble, there are no points for trying. So take your time and enjoy the game!

But we do hope that these 8 tips help you out on your next round of Scramble! Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments section.

Remember to always use English when playing with your friends and even try playing it with people from your classes or other classes. You might be surprised at how much you learn from just playing games!


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