For a subject like political science, NCERT plays a very important role. The book is available both in English and Hindi, so you can buy or download NCERT Books for Class 11 Political Science according to your convenience. The NCERT of political science for class 11 is divided broadly into two, political theory and the Indian constitution at work. After going through this article you will get a list of the subject along with the importance of NCERT in this subject. 

Why do you have to stick to NCERT?

  • It has all the important points highlighted, which makes it easier for you to remember. Make sure that you read the NCERT completely and try to remember it by hear. This is because it is a theoretical subject that needs much attention when it comes to remembering stuff. The PDF format that you will download will also contain important questions, that will help you to prepare well for the exams. 
  • The content of the book has been finalized with much care and with the help of many expert faculties. 
  • The intext as well the back questions are formed in such a way that it will compel you to ponder upon them. It is advised that you should listen properly in the class to get a better concept and try summarizing the paragraphs into your own language. 
  • Sticky notes should be used so that you don’t miss any important points that might be asked in a direct way during the exam.
  • Make sure to form proper class notes making it easier for you to revise, and try to read the complete NCERT at least twice before the exam. This way you will be able to recall things in a better way. 
  • If you have completed the NCERT you don’t have to move to another book, that is sufficient to clarify all the concepts and gain good marks. 

The important chapters of political science 

Political science can play a major role in day-to-day life and so is important irrespective of the subject. Basic knowledge about it is needed for a better future. This is the reason that CBSE has included this as a major subject in classes 11 and 12. According to the latest CBSE guidelines the two parts of the subject can be distributed for marks 40 marks each. And the parts are the Indian constitution at work and political theory. Some of the chapters that are more important and have more weightage are as follows:

  • Constitution why and how and philosophy of the constitution: in this, you will learn what is the constitution and how it was made. 
  • The chapter where you will learn about the fundamental rights and also about the relation between DPSP, DP, and fundamental rights. 
  • There is also a chapter on election and representation, in which you will learn about how the election system works in India and how a fair election is conducted. 
  • A chapter about legislature is also there in which you will know about the powers of the 2 houses, a separate chapter for executive and judiciary is also provided. 
  • Federalism and local governments are also important chapters. In the chapter about local government, you will also learn about 73rd and 74th amendments and how it was implemented. 

Now that we talk about the other part of political science that is the political theory. In this, you will get to know all the different facets of the government. This includes freedom, equality, and their significances, social justice, nationalism, and things like citizenship and peace. You will also get to know about the development model. The NCERT is prepared every year according to the curriculum given by the CBSE. 

Some of the other things that can be done to remember things 

Apart from studying and revision from time to time some of the things mentioned below are as follows:

  • Daily targets: setting up daily targets can be helpful. 
  • Meditation and exercise can also be done in order to sit at a place and concentrate on your study. 
  • Peak hours: try to find your peak hours when you can focus the best. Political science is a subject that needs a lot of concentration as it is a theoretical subject. Generally, it is observed that in the morning time you can concentrate better because your mind is fresh and no additional thoughts will be going in your mind. 
  • Take small breaks during that time you can focus on other things, try a new hobby which will help you freshen your mind. 
  • If you are taking a small break of just 15 minutes then utilize it to clean your study table and the area nearby. A clean environment helps you to focus more. If you want to take a break of 30 minutes then you can make the notes of the topic that you studied, this will help you recall the concept and prepare the notes. In case you want to take a break of 1 hour-long then revision some already studied topic and try to write the points that you remember. Make a note of the things that you missed and highlight them. 
  • You can also take power naps to energize yourself. It is scientifically proven that if you revise something just before sleep it will tend to be remembered for a longer time. 


The importance of political science should be realized by everyone. NCERT should be considered as it is the most recommended book. If it is not easily available in your nearby bookstore then you can easily access it through the internet along with the important questions that might be asked in the exam. Some of the things that are mentioned in the article can be used so that your memory retention power is increased. This article must have provided at least a few points that can be applied and increase your overall performance. Always makes notes and highlight important points so that you do not forget to revise them just before the exams. 

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