StarCraft is an eternally engaging and competitive game like sc2 protoss build that any die-hard player will tell you is not easy to master. Whether it be your macro level mechanics or your moment to moment decision making, the skill ceiling for this game seems endless. In order to compete at the very top of this bustling modern phenomenon, it’s important for players to not only learn and improve their personal in-game strategies but also utilize a wide array of outside information or resources in order to gain a competitive edge. This article will share 8 tips that perfectly illustrate how players can take advantage of many different resources in regards to improving their gameplay as well as how they can stay on top of ever changing meta games through research and practice.

Master the art of StarCraft games with these 8 tips:

1. Find Players That Are Better Than You

As funny as it may sound, finding a player that is better than you is an incredibly important step in improving your gameplay.  Not only will this player expose you to new thinking and strategies that will help you improve your game but he or she can also serve as the benchmark for your play style and skill level. No matter which level of StarCraft you are currently playing at, there are certainly a few players out there that will be better than you and can serve this function. The main thing to remember is to make sure that the player makes a conscious effort to help guide your development rather than just brutally crush you over and over again.

2. Play on Various Maps

Although the ladder provides an extremely consistent and comparable practice environment for players of all skill levels, it does lack a diverse array of maps. As a result, many players tend to rely on the one or two maps that they are most comfortable on or successful with. However, since the options in this regard are fairly limited, it’s important over time to really master certain strategies across multiple map types. This will not only broaden your meta game but also expose you to different ways of thinking about a match in general and how you may want to play it out.

3. Sign Up for Leagues

Laddering is great and all, but there’s an inherent learning curve as well as a lot of upsets. As a result, many players are reluctant to sign up for leagues and tournaments. This is a mistake that players with some skill should make because they can easily improve their game by playing in leagues and utilizing any other resources that the organizers provide to help promote the event.

4. Play In Competitive Tournaments

Although it may seem like playing in a tournament provides an unfair advantage over laddering, the opposite is actually true. Many players will find that playing in tournaments allows them to get some extra practice in without having to worry about the challenges experienced by laddering week after week. Also, many of the skills and strategies you work on during the week go out the window when you play in a tournament. Doing well in a tournament requires solid mechanics, confidence and composure under pressure, so if any of these things aren’t your strong suit, playing in a “thicker” environment will help prepare for just such an event.

5. Stay Up To Date On The Live Commentating Scene

The Live Commentating scene is growing extremely rapidly and with good reason. Not only does the quality of these games continue to rise but the exposure to StarCraft has never been greater than it is now. Players need to be constantly aware of what is happening in the current game and how it will impact the upcoming matches. One of the best ways to do this is through Live Streaming, which allows you to essentially watch games live as they happen. Experiencing a truly well played game can open your eyes to new ideas and ways of thinking that can only come from playing in a tournament setting.

6. Watch Videos & Articles On The Topic

There are a number of different resources available online that provide updated information on the current meta or on specific aspects or strategies that StarCraft players may not be acquainted with. The most common and most accessible of these resources is Liquipedia, which can be found at the following URL:

7. Experiment With The Meta

There’s never an easy way to master a game, and StarCraft is no exception. However, experimenting with the current map pools or meta games through laddering itself can help you find new and exciting ways of playing Starcraft. Doing this will give you a chance to see how your play style compares to that of other players and even how it can be altered through changes in current maps or metas.

8. Improve Your UI

Most players don’t think about building a good UI until their gameplay has already begun to plateau. This is because if you’re not aware of any problems or issues that arise during gameplay, you may not be motivated to fix them. However, there are a number of different ways that you can improve your interface and they usually come down to just trying out new methods and configurations until something clicks.


Although laddering is a crucial tool for every StarCraft II player, there are many different ways that players can use it to help improve their gameplay and become a better player overall. The more you practice and play with various different strategies, the more content you will have to draw from in order to find the best method of playing out a match. Also, if you’re looking for an alternative way to practice multiplayer games or just want to explore the latest information of StarCraft, Warm Up Free To Play is perfect for you.


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