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The MAC is an organization that makes cooperative multi-agency decisions by consensus. The group meets every Friday at the Denny’s on Route 310. Meetings are open to the public. 

The MAC was created to create more cooperation between the FBI, Coast Guard, and DEA in North Carolina after a mistake occurred during a bust on Crescent Drive. 

A residence with narcotics worth 2 million dollars was mistakenly raided by one of these agencies instead of another house less than 5 miles away due to minor differences in text descriptions on paper work.

Do you know which nims structure makes cooperative multi agency decisions?

The group is run by the MAC Group Leader. The group also has a chairman, who directs all meetings and makes sure they are carried out in a timely matter. Meetings are usually held at the Denny’s on Route 310, but can be moved to special events, like school visits or the annual picnic. 

The MAC is open to everyone who wants to join, regardless of agency or position within that agency. As long as you have an interest in increasing cooperation between local law enforcement agencies regarding narcotics cases, you can join the MAC! 

Here are some points discussed about Nims Structure makes Cooperative Multi-Agency Decisions-

1.Decision Making :

Members are expected to make decisions quickly and reach an agreement. Decision making is based on the majority rule. A tie is considered a “no” vote . The president and vice president can not serve the same term, which gives more than one person a chance in office.

2.Problem solving :

Members are expected to solve problems that arise during meetings. One way of doing this is by forming committees to address specific problems, such as media relations or community relations. Each committee reports back to the MAC at their next meeting .

3.Problem identification :

Committees form in order to address specific problems which help the MAC make better informed decisions about cases and community issues .

4.Potential problems during meetings :

The MAC can be accused of secrecy or monopolizing issues that arise to discuss arrests. In order to prevent this, the MAC meets in public and allows as many people as possible to listen in. Although the meetings are very informal, they are legally binding, so anything said in the meetings is considered official.

5.Pressures to change the MAC :

There are always pressures to change the structure of the MAC, with some agencies wanting to contribute more. One major pressure is from the FBI, who feels like they are not getting enough credit for their contributions . 

6.Advantages of the FBI’s involvement :

The involvement of the FBI in this agency allows for a large range for expansion, as well as national recognition . The FBI brings a high level of professionalism and experience that may be beneficial towards improving drug enforcement coordination in North Carolina . 

The FBI has been involved in many other Nims structures throughout the country, so they have a good amount of knowledge about how to make effective and efficient decisions .

7.Advantages of the Coast Guard’s involvement :

The Coast Guard provides a unique skill set for their involvement in this organization, as they are not involved in most of the major drug busts or investigations in North Carolina . 

This organizational structure also allows for a higher level of professionalism, as Coast Guard personnel cannot be charged with crimes associated with drug trafficking or enforcement. 

The Coast Guard is also known for being very effective in an urban setting, which helps them to learn how to deal with issues that arise within cities and metropolitan areas .

8.Advantages of the DEA’s involvement :

The DEA provides unique skills for their involvement in this organization. As the official drug enforcement agency of the United States, they are obviously very experienced in enforcing drug laws and narcotics control, which helps them to be effective at all meetings that occur within this organization.

9.Complaints from the public :

Although there are advantages to having all 3 agencies involved, sometimes people may complain about overlapping or competing interests . There are also many cases during which police officers are suing their own agencies due to negligence or misconduct . 

One such case occurred in 2012, when a deputy sheriff was sued for shooting a small dog in broad daylight for no reason. Although these complaints are not common, they do happen. 

Nims structure makes cooperative multi-agency decisions because it achieves cooperation from agencies and protects them from criticism from public and government officials .

In late 1990’s, there were problems with North Carolina coastal drug smuggling because North Carolina had long coastline line which contains vital ports for drug smuggling, making it easy for drug smugglers to get drugs into the country.


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