“Is God real?” “What is Heaven like?” “What happens when you die?”. The questions that come up in a theology class or from a spiritually-minded friend can seem like the end of the world. To some, these questions are weighty and seemingly impossible to answer, but the truth might surprise you. A highlight of pericles rule was? This list of ten secrets about God will leave your mind spinning in a different direction. If you’re looking for an introductory course on god, this article has got you covered!

1. God is a part of all of us. In Christ: 

The Evolution of the New Testament Story , Richard N. Gaffin Jr. (who also just so happens to be my husband) explains that after the resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples in significant ways, especially when they were all gathered together and “they ate and drank” (Luke 24:41-43). Upon their return home, Jesus told them that he would send twelve who would “eat bread in the kingdom of God” (Mark 8:18-20). So there’s no surprise to finding out that this group of twelve were “anointed with the Holy Spirit and set apart for a special task” (I Corinthians 12:4-6).

2. God can be seen in many forms. In Christ:

What happens when an artist’s rendition of what god looks like is created? This statue, “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, was done to tell the story of Adam being formed from dust and the breath of God. What is interesting about this piece is that Michelangelo didn’t think it would fit with the theme to have God look like a human. Even so, the face of God is easily identifiable as that of a human man (great job, Michelangelo!).

3. Some people even claim that God looks like them! 

Then there are other traditions and religions that believe in multiple gods. These religions believe that there is one god, but who he or she is changes as time moves on. For example, ancient Egyptians believed in a goddess named Isis and they claimed that her face was shaped like that of a cat. Other ancient cultures from around the world shared this belief, with the most notable being the Kenyans, who worshiped a god named Wamukoya, who looked like an old man with all the features of an actual human except for his head, which was shaped like a dog!

4. God can’t be found in other places. Catholicism : 

Now I know what you’re thinking, “This is dumb! Where else would god be?” Well, that’s the thing. God can’t be seen in other places or things. You see, God is infinite, meaning that he occupies all space at once and no matter where you go he’s there with you. Jacob Bryant explains in one of his books ( A Compendious System of Natural Religion ) that the divine can be seen as a kind of radiation or light.

5. It’s not like a lightbulb that you turn on and off either; 

God isn’t something that can just as easily be turned on and off as a light switch . A light switch turns on the light. You can’t “turn off” or think your way to God. Even if you can  see Jesus, it doesn’t mean that you have met God. Jacob Bryant explains in his book ( A Compendious System of Natural Religion ) that Christians often get confused about the relationship between the divine and man because Christians have a tendency to think about Jesus as just some sort of middleman that gets us to God.

6. You know why? Because God is both a person and an impersonal force at the same time. Catholicism

If you’re ever lost, confused or just plain sick of life, don’t worry. God is always with you. God is here to guide you, protect you and love you. Sometimes it’s just easy to forget that whenever we’re going through a rough time or when things haven’t been going the way we planned. The good thing is that God won’t ever leave us .

7. God’s love for us doesn’t mean he will “make everything okay” for us. Catholicism :

God loves all of his children and does not want any of them to be unhappy or mistreated, but he also doesn’t force himself into people’s lives just to make everything okay all the time. You might wonder why he wouldn’t, right? Well in short, it comes down to free will. He doesn’t force himself on people because they have the right to make their own decisions in a world with good and evil.

8. However, he will always show up to help you . !Catholicism:

It’s important to remember that God is always there for us, but he won’t just swoop in and solve all of our problems for us. Sometimes we’re going to have to do things ourselves, but we can always rely on God’s help when it gets tough!


God is infinite, which means he’s everywhere at once and you can’t fully comprehend his greatness. Jacob Bryant explains more about God in his book ( A Compendious System of Natural Religion ) by saying that when someone looks at a candle, they can see the flame but cannot see the light in every part of the candle at once. The same thing is true with God, only more so because he is everywhere at all times.


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