Even if you are unaware of the recent development of the cannabis industry, you would still be acquainted with the common notion associated with the cannabis plant, i.e., its intoxicating quality.

While this notion continued for a period, the last two decades have completely changed this notion. People think it as a substance used for getting ‘high,’ is now widely known for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Interestingly, the cannabis industry is not limited and has seen the entry of various new compounds of cannabis which have established a foothold amongst cannabis enthusiasts.

This article will help you explore two such compounds of the cannabis plant, i.e., Delta 9 and Delta 8, which have already taken the market by storm through their heavy demands amongst cannabis enthusiasts. 

Further, it will deal with the potency level of both Delta 8 and Delta 9 to answer the question regarding which is the stronger amongst the two. Thus, you will see Delta 8 vs Delta 9.

Cannabis – The Ultimate Reservoir

Interestingly, a lot is there about the intoxicating qualities of the cannabis plant. However, its medicinal and therapeutic benefits have revolutionized this common notion associated with cannabis.

The cannabis plant is a hub of various cannabinoids extending to more than a hundred in number.

Cannabinoids can react with the body’s endocannabinoid system to cause various emotional, mental, and physical effects on the human body.

While CBD has gained immense popularity and turned into a billion-dollar industry in itself, various minor cannabinoids are making their way into the cannabis industry and creating heavy demand amongst cannabis enthusiasts.

Delta 9 – The Basics

Delta 9 THC or simply THC is the most active ingredient of the cannabis plant. CBD is best-known for its wide-ranging medicinal and therapeutic benefits without making you feel all ‘high.’

However, THC is responsible for the common notion associated with cannabis, i.e., of its intoxicating quality as THC contains all the psychoactive compounds which make you feel all ‘high.’

Delta compounds have excellent neuroprotective qualities. Delta refers to the position of the carbon atom in the molecular structure.

Simply stating, Delta 8 will have a double carbon in its 8th chain. But, Delta 9 is in its 9th chain.

Understanding Delta 8

There is only a slight difference in the molecular structure of Delta 8 and Delta 9. It is competent enough to bring a change in the properties. 

Delta 8, defined by institutes like the National Cancer Institute, is an analog of THC. It possesses various benefits due to its properties. These include antiemetic, analgesic, appetite stimulator, neuroprotective qualities, etc.

Delta 8 is the younger sibling of Delta 9 as Delta 9 gives a higher euphoric effect than Delta 8. It offers a mild-psychoactive experience which helps in experiencing balancing experiences. It has medicinal and therapeutic benefits by Delta 8.


Potency Level – Is Delta 9 Stronger?

There are various cannabinoids in the cannabis plant which occur naturally. And in abundance in the cannabis plant. However, some cannabinoids like Delta 8 are in low traces and are commercially viable or practical to extract directly.

Delta 9 is more potent than Delta 8, and it is twice as effective as Delta 8. 

Studies have highlighted the difference in the molecular structure of Delta 8 and Delta 9. Delta 8 is an allowing affinity towards CB1 receptor and thus has lower psychotropic potency than Delta 9 THC.

A small study regarding the potency level of Delta 8 and Delta 9 highlighted that Delta 8 THC was only around two-thirds as potent as its elder sibling Delta 9 THC.

However, the study also highlighted that Delta 8 though was less potent, was still offering a qualitatively similar experience as Delta 9. Studies have also highlighted that Delta 8 is more stable than Delta 9.

For instance, Delta 8 is better as an appetite stimulator and relaxing agent than Delta 8.

The potency level of both the compounds also tends to bring a difference in the consequential effects on their consumption as consumption of Delta 9 would offer a high euphoric effect and a sensation of laughter, etc.

Delta 8 is like a mellow variant of Delta 9 and would offer a mild psychoactive relaxed, and soothing effect. 

The potency level may also vary depending on the extraction method used, and the added ingredients to the compound may alter the potency level substance more or less psychoactive.

The difference in the Origin

Delta 8 is amongst those compounds that manufacture synthetically. Thus, it is a commercially viable product.

Various companies use CBD to extract Delta 8. First, CBD isolates or pure CBD from the hemp plant are later converted into a distillate using solvents and acids to put this reaction into effect.

You will get a new substance that emerges and comes into the picture with an alkaline material. You clean it and get the best and most effective Delta 8.

Due to this complex and extensive process, there may be a change in the potency level of compounds. Thus, it is reliable to check the process to avoid confusion. It helps you enjoy the experiences without issues.



Bothe Delta 9 and Delta 8 tend to possess psychoactive properties. However, Delta 9 enjoys an upper hand in potency by being the best variant of THC.

The difference in molecular structure makes Delta 9 a variant amongst the two compounds. Delta 8 enjoys similar medicinal and therapeutic benefits even with low psychoactivity.

Choosing either of the two compounds comes down to individual preferences.

However, you should purchase the products from reputed brands offering high-quality products. And third-party lab testing reports to make the best utilization of your money and minimize the chances of any risk.

In addition to this, it is imperative to select the correct dose. It will be best to avoid the counter effects. You can do this by consulting your doctor, who will guide you in the perfect direction. As a result, you stay away from side effects and enjoy all the advantages.

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