Board exams are one of the most important milestones in an Indian student’s life. These examinations stand at the top among other crucial exams which are going to shape the whole career of a student and studying for them is building the foundation of the whole academic education one is going to perceive in his or her respective further studies. And this foundation will be strong if done using well-drafted and relevant study material. The first thought that comes to any teacher’s mind while prescribing for the same is about NCERT books. 

NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training which is an autonomous organization and a part of the Government of India. It came into existence as a scientific, literary, and charitable society under the Societies Regulation Act in 1961. NCERT publishes textbooks for classes 1st to 12th according to the syllabus prescribed for all schools that follow the curriculum provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). 

Mathematics is a subject that requires a lot of practice in order to achieve accuracy and good scores in the examination. It holds great significance in determining a student’s Class 10 Board Result since it is one of the main compulsory subjects for all students till Class 10. However, scoring well in Maths is also a nightmare and a reason to worry for many students who do not have a strong grip on it. But in order to overcome your fear of scoring well in this subject, every teacher’s advice to you would be to fully understand and be thorough with the NCERT course books. Here are some reasons why.

The NCERT textbooks along with NCERT Exemplar books are the best study material one can have to score the best in CBSE board exams. They are all authored by experts of the subject after researching extensively on various topics to serve the students with the most appropriate as well as accurate and detailed information on the same. This feature ensures that if you have practiced well from the NCERT Books, you can answer all questions in your exam correctly and therefore, score well. 

Also, the Class 10 Maths NCERT books are among the least expensive and most easily accessible academic books available in any local bookstores and thus can be read by all students regardless of what financial class they belong to. These books are also available online in PDF form on the official website for NCERT and can be downloaded free of cost by students for offline use.

The textbooks designed by NCERT for Class 10 cover each topic that is a part of the syllabus provided by CBSE and if read thoroughly, one can clear all his or her concepts which will help the student score good marks not only in the board exams but other entrance exams too like JEE and NEET and play a vital role in UPSC exams preparation as well. Since the books are inclusive of all topics of the Class 10 Maths syllabus, it is also believed that students need not refer to any other reference books as the proper and regular practice of the NCERT Maths textbooks is enough to help them score great results in the exam.

Studying the pattern and questions asked by the CBSE board in previous years it can be easily concluded that most questions are asked directly or indirectly from the topics explained in the respective textbooks. The best way to learn from them is to clear the concepts from theory and then practice and test one’s learning through numerous in-text questions and exercises provided after each theoretical explanation. In addition, solving NCERT exemplar problems which were introduced to enhance the comprehension and learning skills of the students, would prove to be a cherry on the cake as it will help the student in self-assessment as well as mastering the technique of easily gliding through complex and tricky problems. 

The NCERT Books also provide examples for each theory or method explained with a detailed theoretical representation of each step that is to be performed in solving the respective questions. These examples are helpful for students in understanding how to solve questions that come in the exercises that follow. Often, students achieve the correct answer but lose marks because of incorrect steps followed in the solution. Hence, practicing these examples will also improve your step-wise accuracy for the exam. 

Another important key feature of the NCERT Books for Class 10 Maths is the simplified language used to explain all the concepts and theories that are a part of the syllabus. The material has been designed in a simple language that students can easily comprehend in order to gain a better and in-depth understanding of all the concepts. These books are also available in English as well Hindi. This feature is important for students who are part of a Hindi-medium curriculum. The class 10 Maths NCERT Books have the same level of accuracy as the English versions and the language can be easily understood by the students.

No doubt there are plenty of reference books available in the market with a huge amount of content in them for various topics but one should give priority to the Maths textbooks by NCERT as they are more concise and more up to the point about board exams and their syllabus as always the question papers are framed from the content of NCERTs only and there has not been a single exception ever of board exam paper going beyond the topics covered by NCERT.

Thus, sticking to these books and revising them thoroughly along with practicing questions coupled with solving NCERT Exemplar is the best weapon for a sure victory for the student in the war against board exams as they are the most important source of knowledge to get through CBSE boards.

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