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These are undoubtedly challenging times for the human population that is battling against the deadly Coronavirus. It has arrived into our lives and influenced them like never before. There’s no denying that the global pandemic continues to reshape the public lifestyle in all aspects- typically preventing them from accessing most civic needs. 

Amidst all these, people are finding it hard to tackle any water purifying issue on their own. It would be best if you had a water purifier service expert or adequate experience in the job to do it yourself. However, first-timer or not, you must realise that water purifiers play a key role in the regular functioning of urban households. Therefore you must consider consistent maintenance and repair for your water purifying unit. This can essentially secure your water for human consumption.  

Ideally, you must call certified RO service experts for repairing or replacing when you find your unit not functioning properly. If you don’t know about water purifiers, you need to know that various anonymous reasons can contribute to their malfunctioning- it could be either a major or minor issue. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of some typical water purifier problems that can help you fix your water purifying unit at home. 

Water leakage

You must always ensure that every part of your water purifying unit is properly fitted. Otherwise, this could result in water leakage on the outer filter surface, leading to excessive discharge and wastage of water. In addition, you must effectively tighten the loose parts of the water purifier to stop the leak and address the problem. 

Furthermore, you must also realise that high water pressure can cause water leakage in your water purifying unit. You could try readjusting the nozzle to bring down the pressure. If you see that the pressure persists, you may call in a qualified RO service expert.

Smelly Water or Bad Taste

You must never consume water that comes with a bad odour. This can essentially cause several ill-effects in your body. Therefore, if you come across your water purifying unit offering foul-smelling water, you must realise that you have a serious problem at hand. 

This essentially indicates that your appliance is not in the greatest of conditions and needs repairing. In addition, you must essentially have issues with the filter cartridge of your water purifying unit. This could see sedimentation effectively blocking your water discharge, thereby causing you to get smelly water. 

You could either take up the charge or call a water purifier service agent to address the issue. You need to vacate the water purifier tank and then refill it. Additionally, you could also replace the filter cartridge to tackle the situation. You need to realise that ignoring the proper maintenance and care can affect the proper functioning of your water purifier.

Weak Flow of Water

You may find out that your water purifier offers a weak flow of water when in use. However, you must ideally look into the settings of the water purifiers since they typically come with speed changes. 

If you find out that the water flow is not set at low in the settings, the issue could potentially be with either the cartridge or the water pressure of the appliance. Ideally, the pressure exerted inside should synchronise with the water purifier- hence you must adjust the pressure to get the right volume of water.

Filter Issues

You could also find yourself struggling with the water purifier to switch them on or off. Ideally, you must evaluate the water availability in your tank. Afterwards, you should check again with the button to see if the issue has emerged from the switch. Finally, you must realise that your filter is malfunctioning once it fails to send water even after waiting. 

You will essentially need to replace the damaged switch- for which you must call in a certified water purifier service agent. It’s essential to mention that switch replacement is not at all expensive. Furthermore, it would be best if you ideally chose the same brand for superior results.

Excessive Water Seepage in RO Filters

By now, it’s obvious that water drainage issues are quite common in RO filters. One of the primary reasons for frequent water seepage in water purifying units is the blocked membrane. This is why you must ideally maintain the machine- this will help you identify the faulty membrane and consider a replacement. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it only fits to admit that periodic maintenance can essentially help you secure the proper functioning of your water purifiers. However, if you find it overwhelming to make all the adjustments and repairs during malfunctioning, you may need to call a qualified water purifier service. 

RO Care India can help you with all the solutions that you need for water purifier repair services. If you need any assistance, you can call them or find them online. 


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