Scoring full marks in mathematics is not a tough task if you have the right strategy and approach towards the subject. Some techniques and steps if followed will help you score full marks in math, they are:

The foremost thing is to start early. It is always suggested to start preparing early. Do not wait for the last months. Math requires a lot of practice, for this you should have an ample amount of time. As soon as the session starts, begin with your study schedule. Do not procrastinate.

 Go through the prescribed syllabus and have a look at the weightage of the chapters. Weightage will help you in deciding that which chapter needs to be prioritized keeping in mind the number of marks it has. The syllabus is very much important as it will be setting the ground for your preparation. Straightaway jumping on to the chapters will be a mistake. You have to understand that at times smart work is more important than hard work, so work smartly.

 The next thing you should do is to make a list of all the important concepts and formulas. This will make it easy for you to refer to the formulas while solving any problem.

 NCERT should be your base book. It will help to have a clear understanding of all the concepts. Try and read all the chapters from the NCERTs first before moving on to any other book. Do not skip the back exercises given in the NCERTs. There are a lot of instances where the question is there in the exam from the back exercises. In addition to this practice even the examples given in the chapters. The solved examples will help you to understand all the steps you will follow when solving a question. once you have solved all the questions from the NCERT then you can move to other books to practice more questions and have expertise over the topic. One such book is the R S Aggarwal where you can spot a lot of examples. For instance, you also have exercises for different chapters and solutions for the same like the RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Chapter 10 Ex 10AThese exercises are important for practice.

Try and practice writing whatever you are reading. Writing is said to be a good way to improve retention capacity. It will improve your writing skills and will be beneficial for your answer writing. A lot of students don’t write much and then they face various issues on their exam day. Writing helps you increase your speed also which will help you manage your time well in the exam hall. Also, writing gives you the incentive to understand that how the answer should be framed, what should come first in the answer, and other details.

 Be consistent with your daily study schedule. Practice is the key to attaining expertise in math. No matter how much time you are spending on reading the concept, things will not be clear if you do not sit and practice the numerical questions. Here one small technique is to try and solve a variety of questions. Do not keep on solving questions that are framed in a similar pattern. Go for variety. And yes focus on quality also. Even if you are solving 10 questions in a day, do it with 100% attention and concentration. Make sure that you have completely understood those 10 questions. When you are solving questions or even solved examples, pay attention to the steps. In math, there are marks for the steps you follow. Do not just focus on getting your answer right, make sure you are following the right procedure to solve a question.

Another technique is to always take up the tough chapters or the ones you find difficult in the morning. In the morning time, your mind is fresh and relaxed, it can tackle things in a much more efficient manner. Keep the easy chapters for the second half of the day.

 Previous year question papers can help you get that 100% score. Solve as many previous years’ papers as you can. An important point here is to always get them checked by your teacher. It will help you analyze your performance and spot your weak areas. Take feedback from the teacher who is checking your paper, ask for areas where you can improve.

 Whenever you are solving any question always keep the formula of BODMAS in your mind. This is a very basic rule to get the correct answer. It will help you to save time and avoid any calculation mistakes. Another important thing is to pay attention to the units. Students often forget about the unit of the answer. It can make you lose marks.

During the last few days or months before the exam do not start reading anything new. Just focus on revising whatever you have studied. The revision will help you in retaining every concept. Try and revise from the notes that you have made on yourself. Do not start revising from a completely new book.

 It is very important to get all your doubts cleared. Never keep your problems pending, clear them right away. Doubts can act as a hinder in your preparation so clear them without any hesitation.

The last tip is to have patience during your preparation. Math is one subject which sometimes might look very time taking. You might sometimes find yourself stuck at one question for the whole day. Do not lose your patience here. Try the same question the next day with a fresh mind and fresh approach. Just one thing you should not do is to push away that question.

Some tips to be followed during the examination:

  • Always read the question paper before starting with the examination.
  • Attempt the questions in the given order and leave space for ones that you find difficult.
  • Do not waste a lot of time on one single question, skip it and try again at the end of the exam.
  • Keep 10-15 minutes in the end for revising your answer sheet.
  • Try and keep your answer sheet neat and clean.

Good luck to all. 

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