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Can you believe that vlogs have only been around since 2000 and only became popular when YouTube started in 2005? It seems so distant and yet so near. Now everyone is creating video clips and it’s all about content. Then again, there are other things you can do with video editors to help your vlogs stand out from the crowd. First, though, you need to get the right tools. If you’re looking for a simple way to create videos, an online video editor may be just right for you. Click here to see one of the easiest and most effective online video editing tools out there. 

Make Unique Vlogs with Your Online Video Editor by following these Tips 

Whether you’ve been doing video creation for vlogs for years or not, there are always new things to try out. Sometimes we also get stuck in one way of doing things so it’s always worth going back to basics and reviewing some key tips, such as those listed below: 

  • Understanding your audience 
  • Transitions
  • Music 
  • First second grab
  • Video types
  • Being yourself
  • Optimizing 

Understanding your audience 

One mistake people often do when they make a video online is that they focus too much on what they want. Of course, we get excited about the product or service but you always need to bring it back to what your viewers want to see. So, think about where they’re based and what habits and preferences they might have for when they view a free video online. 


You can always tell if someone is new at working with a video editor because they make too many jump cuts. These may serve a purpose but most of the time they can be jarring for the audience. Ideally, you should use the video editing options to fade in or out between scenes. That’s why it’s important to leverage the templates on your video maker as much as possible. They do most of the hard work for you and you just need to customize and add any features you want when you edit videos.


When you make a video, you need to make sure that your audio works with any music or other sound effects you might add. Either way, your video clips will sound much more professional if you have the right music to enhance the overall mood and deliver your message more effectively it’s very easy to add audio with any video editor, so there’s no reason to make use of it. 

First second grab

We all dream of creating the perfect hook. Regardless of whether it’s perfect or not, try to make those first few seconds count. One way to do that on your online video editor is to add bright colors and unique images. You can even pose a question that you answer later for a bit of dramatic effect. If you’re still looking for inspiration, you can search Google for competitor vlogs on your browser. Alternatively, you can also go through the library of templates your video maker offers. 

Video types

Most people now know about tutorials and behind-the-scenes video clips. What about being different with your video though? One way to do that is to focus on things that people do every day but make them interesting. Even shopping in a supermarket can be made exciting with the right commentary as you tour through with your camera. 

If you’re an ace at video editing, people also love superimposed photos, for example, cats morphing into dogs or vice versa. Clearly, you need to find the link with your brand and style though before you get started with your wacky video clips. 

Be yourself

When you create videos, it’s easy to put pressure on yourself and try to make something that’s perfect. Although, that can sometimes lead to video clips that look forced and just awkward. The best thing you can do when you work with an online video editor is to be as natural as possible. Furthermore, these days, social media has promoted the real human behind brands and people want to get to know people. So, don’t try too hard when you make a video. 


When making vlogs, you also need to work on the technical side before your post onto social media or elsewhere. It’s important to understand analytics and how to optimize your content with keywords in your headings and video descriptions. After you’ve done some research, it’s extremely easy to add these elements to your clips using the tools in an online video editor.

Parting Words

Vlogs are a great way to engage with viewers. Moreover, they’re very easy to create with editing tools, especially if you opt for an online video editor. You simply have to remember to tailor your content for your audience. Then, you can also leverage add-ons such as music, editing options, and features. These will help you stand out whilst being memorable because you’ll connect with people on a deeper emotional level. So, the more you can do that through your vlogs, the more successful you’ll be. 


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