Well, your good old friend deserves a friend for their health. And we can sense your will to get the task done. You know what? Plenty of stuff will encircle you if you try to seize a look at such a mate for your friend. And you would indeed want to suggest something that can be as valuable as you are, right? So, in that case, what can evolve to be better than a raw crop?

Okay, as the crop is a natural creation, CBD (Cannabidiol or Epidiolex). This creation is precisely a robust compound with an admirable cannabis plant origin. It is active, pure, and therapeutic. Besides this, its wowing yields, like CBD gummies, oil, or capsules, can be a delight to many stoner hearts. And we can already sense that it brought a sense of recognition inside you. Now we can discern how you can encourage your friend to commence wielding this creation. Here we begin- 

Ways to prevail upon your friend to wield CBD-

Begin by showing them how much more effective CBD gets compared to other ways they might be trying to treat their pain without the benefit of medical marijuana laws in place today.

For example, if they are using over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or Aleve (which contain acetaminophen), start pointing out how these meds may not be effective at treating chronic pain and other conditions in clinical studies. 

These studies suggest that acetaminophen may cause liver damage when used long-term. Instead of taking aspirin daily, as most people do, people should consider using something like CBD instead of other compounds. Because it won’t cause any damage to their body like regular aspirin does over time when taken every day for decades. Here are some of the manners to convince them- 

. Share the emotional reasons you tried cannabinol- 

If your friend has never used epidiolex before, they might be curious about what it feels like to be high. They may also want to try it because they’re interested in trying new things or exploring their options. You can also share the emotional reasons you tried cannabidiol.

. Talk about epidiolex’s calming effects-

Cannabidiol has always helped people with anxiety, insomnia, pain, inflammation, and depression. If your friend has any of these conditions or if you get a feeling like epidiolex could be helpful for them, you should talk about it!

It’s also worth noting that there are no known adverse side effects from taking cannabidiol oil or other hemp-derived products like tinctures (liquid extractions). Some studies show that taking high amounts of cannabis can help with symptoms related to seizures in children who have epilepsy.

. Explain how epidiolex can help relieve pain from injuries or chronic conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and nerve damage-

Another step to convincing your friend is to explain how the active compound can relieve pain from injuries or chronic conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and nerve damage. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that doesn’t get you euphoric like THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana). It works with receptors in your brain to reduce inflammation and relieve pain without making you feel dizzy or out of control, similar to what most other opioids do.

If your mate is looking for an alternative treatment option, it’s amicable to understand how epidiolex products differ from other medicines. They get made of two main compounds: cannabidiol and sometimes tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These two chemicals combine differently in different manufacturers, depending on if they get derived from hemp plants or marijuana plants. It can be legal under certain circumstances based on where you live!

. Share how it helped you overcome anxiety-

You could also share how epidiolex helped you overcome anxiety. Cannabidiol is an admirable Boone for our anxiety disorders because it can help reduce the feeling of general stress and apprehension. It focuses on specific issues that may be why you are up at night. If your friend has been dealing with any mental health issue or trauma in their life, sharing this information will likely be incredibly helpful to them. And it may even inspire them to try epidiolex themselves!

. Tell your friend that cannabidiol is well-known to help people with insomnia sleep better and stay asleep longer-

If your friend is interested in the compound and you can’t convince them to try it yet, don’t worry. There are other ways to get them to try it. The first step, talk about how epidiolex can help people with insomnia sleep better and stay asleep longer. You could also explain that some studies have found that epidiolex is known to help people with anxiety and stress disorders sleep better.

Talk about how this might be because this active creation blocks an enzyme called cyclo-oxygenase (COX). It makes the body produce more prostaglandins and leukotrienes (chemicals involved in inflammation). These chemicals play a role in pain relief but also cause inflammation. So, they can make things worse if they produce too much!

Finally, mention any studies suggesting that there may be benefits for people who suffer from depression or other mood disorders. These studies have shown positive results when using cannabis products containing cannabidiol as part of their treatment regimen.

. Make sure your friend understands how using epidiolex is different from using marijuana-

When you ask your friend if they want to try epidiolex, it’s functional to make sure that they understand how using this canna crop has a different effect than using marijuana. Marijuana is a controlled substance and can be used legally in some states while illegal in others.

Both hemp and cannabis get extracted from the same plant but have different uses. We have consumerized hemp as rope or fabric for thousands of years. But we started using cannabis only after Europeans during the 1600s. It was thanks to explorers who brought samples from their travels across Asia (and later Europe).

Cannabis is also helpful for medical purposes like pain relief or depression treatment. However, there aren’t any FDA-approved medications made from whole-plant extracts, so we need other ways besides smoking flower leaves directly into our lungs!


Medicated CBD is a promising new treatment for a range of conditions. But it’s important to know that the benefits may transpire differently for everyone, involving your friend. If you are adamant about trying it, start with a low dose and work your way up slowly. It is because you don’t want to have an adverse reaction. And if you have any questions about cannabidiol’s effects or side effects, talk to your doctor before deciding whether or not it’s good for you!


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