As a student, you might be considering going the ‘trainual 27m series altos ventures’ route as a way to make money. Maybe you’re listening to your friends talk about how they make some serious dough this way, and they’ve even changed their company name to describe it more accurately! There are plenty of opportunities out there for students, but with the right strategy and strategy in place, you could turn paid apprenticeships into lifetime careers.

1. Choose a company to join.

Here are some steps to take before you make the leap into apprenticeships, though:

· Make sure you’re interested in whatever field the company is offering, so that you might love your work and be more committed.

2. Check out their reviews online!

You can find reviews on almost all of their sites, as well as on other websites that talk about apprenticeships and other jobs online. Look for sites with reviews from graduates and former employees of the company – comments from current employees may not be accurate!

3. Check out what the company does.

Just like any other business, Saas companies need to earn money in order to survive! A company that offers an apprenticeship will have a plan for where they’re trying to go with their company and/or brand. You can find out what their plan is by reading interviews or asking current employees how the company is doing now with their brand. Here’s a question you can ask: Why do they offer this apprenticeship?

4. Research the difference between ‘Saas’ and ‘Full-Time’ Jobs.

Like I mentioned earlier, recently many companies have changed the name of their apprenticeships to be more specifically applicable – such as ‘Saas’ (Saas Apprentice). A Saas Apprentice is a person who receives training from an employer for a period of time and is paid to do that training. This can include learning how to code, marketing skills, finance, sales, etc.

The pros of being an apprentice at this company are as follows:

· They offer you a stable line of income through their business plan

· You can be trained in a specific field that most people don’t know about (for example – learning how to code)

· If you’re willing and able to learn on your own time, you could have this position turn into your career or be something you always have around.

· You can gain knowledge while still in school that may be useful once you graduate.

5. Check out company reviews and see what other people are using for social media before you join!

In the case of student Saas companies, you’ll need to have an active social media presence that’s easy to monitor. Think about what your company will expect from you in terms of communication, and try to find a site that already handles that form of communication properly.

6. Keep your social media clean!

This is especially important if you want this apprenticeship to turn into a long-term job or career. You want to be taken seriously at all times, as someone who is professional and trustworthy – so make sure your posts are appropriate in nature. People will see what you post in a matter of seconds, so you really have to be choosy about what you post.

7. Ask around before committing to an apprenticeship!

There are plenty of different apprenticeship models out there, and they all vary from company to company. You should look at all the different opportunities available to you and make sure this is something that you’re going to enjoy and that it’s the right fit for your future needs – including specific needs that might be needed with your school or future university plans. Many people who have been successful with Saas have found their way into these positions through asking around at their universities or local communities!

8. Make sure you’re willing to become a ‘Saas Graduate’

A few months after you start your apprenticeship, the company will likely ask you to start taking on other roles within the company. This can be anything from editing articles and photos, creating graphics and/or videos, or even working as an administrative assistant. If you’re lucky, they may even offer full-time employment – which is exactly what it sounds like!

9. Invest in your future.

Joining a company that offers Saas is a great way to earn some extra money and learn some new skills in school or afterwards. But if you’re serious about changing careers, these companies need to earn their money in the long-term, so it’s up to you whether or not this will be the path you want to take. If you feel that the training is leading to something more than just a job and school, then keep looking around! A few years down the line, you might start your own business with all of your new skills and connections – be sure to start young!


There are many different apprenticeship models out there, and I can’t possibly cover every single one here. However, this article should give you a better idea of which you might want to research further and consider joining. If you’ve decided that this is the opportunity for you, then the next step is to find a job in the industry (see tips below) and get your foot in the door!

The best way to do this is through making connections with people who have been successful at starting their own companies or who have been hired by these companies. You can use these connections as references or reference letters – or even work through an agency that helps connect new students with apprenticeship positions.


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