You’ve heard the saying, “Whoever learns how to code, can rule the world.” You might not know it yet, but you probably want that power.

This tutorial will help you jumpstart your way into app development. It assumes you’re familiar with the basics of coding, like variables, conditionals etc. If not, get yourself up to speed by reading this book.

Something with numbers has some more information on how to become a pro in coding.

The best way to get started is to get your hands on some code. Pick a platform and start building. It doesn’t really matter where you start, because once you have an idea in mind you can code it in any language.

Here are some points discussed on how to become a pro in coding-

1. Code for yourself

There’s no better way to get good at something than to do it for yourself. It’s like trying to get talented at drawing by drawing for someone else- it just doesn’t work.

The same goes for coding. The only way you’ll truly understand your code is if you’re in a certain mindset while writing it. You need to be in a “play mode,” where you don’t worry about whether or not your code works, but rather how close you can get it to working.

This doesn’t mean that your code will be perfect, but it will definitely get easier. When you do get stuck, try to re-think your problem and/or approach it from a different angle.

2. Keep an open mind

When you first start off coding, every line of code is new and exciting. You want to understand everything about it and how it works, and the only way to do this is by trying things out and seeing what happens.

One of the first things you should try is to place breakpoints where you want them to trigger. Your code doesn’t always have to run, so seeing what happens when it doesn’t makes it much easier to understand.


Here are some other cheats you can try:

Delete all of your code and start over; don’t use any libraries or libraries with other dependencies; take your time and make sure everything works first time (if possible); throw out all your logic if the problem only arises sometimes (e.g. say you need to throw away three API calls). 

Think like a beginner; work on simple problems; try to avoid using variables inside functions (i.e. functions inside functions); leave all your comments in the code; leave large blocks of code intact; think about the structure of your code; focus on getting things to work, rather than making them pretty; don’t be afraid to delete half of your code if it gets rid of the problem.

3. Have fun with it (it’s not that serious)

If you want to make apps for a living, you’ve got to put in some serious time and effort. But if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing now, how do you expect to keep doing it for even longer?

Try working on something now that interests you. This could range from a simple app to a more complicated one with lots of features. In either case, you’re going to learn a lot along the way, and that’s why this is called learning.

4. Learn from others

You’ve heard this a million times before, but it really is crucial in the long-term. As it stands now, there are hardly any resources on the internet about how to become a pro in coding.

The best way to get information on how to become a pro in coding is by going through forums or similar places where people share their code for other people to benefit from. It also helps you to see what other people’s problems are, which you can use in your projects.

If you can’t find much about coding in your area, it’s always best to ask other coders. You never know when you might encounter one or be able to help them out.

5. Read books on HTML/CSS/JavaScript

There are tons of books on all sorts of subjects. Most of them are for beginners, but there are some advanced books out there too if you want to learn even more about coding.

If you have a specific problem, then a book might not be the best resource for you. Go for a forum or a Google search instead. It might take a bit longer to find what you’re looking for, but at least it’s free.


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