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 In the world of mathematics, there are several kinds of number systems existing and one of the most common number systems is the decimal number system. In algebra, the decimal number system is considered to be the best possible way of denoting a comprehensive whole number as well as a fractional part that will be perfectly separated by the decimal point present in between both of them. For example in the cases of 34.5, 34 will be the whole number and five will be the decimal part which will be perfectly represented and distinguished with the help of a decimal point.

 Hence, it is very much important for people to be clear about the conversion process of the fraction to decimal as well in the whole process so that there is no query and kids are very much capable of solving the questions in mathematics exams without any kind of issue.

 At the time of converting the fraction to the decimal people simply need to divide the numerator by the denominator for example in the cases of 7/2 is a comprehensive fraction and whenever it will be divided perfectly by the two people will be getting the answer 3.5 in the form of decimal so that there is no problem at any point of time and further calculations can be performed very easily.

 The conversion process of decimal to fraction and fractions to decimals is a very easy one and in the cases of decimal fraction conversion people simply need to be clear about the placement of the decimal point after the tens, hundreds, thousands and so on without any kind of issue so that they can deal with things in a very expanded form very efficiently with proper simplification of the values without any kind of problem.

 It is also very much important for the people to be clear about different kinds of arithmetic operations performed of the decimals and some of those are explained as follows:

  1. At the time of adding the numbers, people simply need to line up the decimal point of the given numbers and indulge in proper addition so that there is no problem
  2. Similarly in the case of subtraction people simply need to line up the decimal point of the given numbers and subtract the value is very easily by performing the right kind of operations.
  3. People need to multiply the given numbers like integers if the decimal point is not present but on the other hand, if the point is present then people need to find the product and count of how many numbers are present after the point so that placement of the point can be undertaken very easily.
  4. At the time of performing the division for decimal numbers people simply need to move the decimal point of the numbers so that number becomes the whole number and later on operations can be performed very easily.

 Hence, being clear about the entire process of conversion from fractions to decimals and dividing fractions is advisable for the people to ensure success at the time of appearing to the mathematics exam and scoring well.

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