As an atheist, I have to admit that ChristianPatriotNews is one of my favorite feeds to visit. And while I know they don’t represent the whole of Christianity, it’s important to understand them and their beliefs in order to combat the misinformation they spread.

Christian Patriot News aims to be a “journalist-led” site, with posts endorsing free markets and limited government. They oppose abortion rights, same-sex marriage, Big Government policies (especially any regulation on gun ownership), and any involvement by America in international institutions like NATO or the UN.

What are things which are unknown about Christian Patriot News website?

1. They’re anti-NRA

Christian Patriot News has published 20 articles either praising or endorsing the Second Amendment, and 10 articles advocating that the United Nations should be disbanded and America should withdraw from international organizations. However, 7 of these articles were written by guest authors who were not even credentialed as journalists. The other 17 have been written by only one writer: J. Lee Grady, with his writings being praised by other writers at CPN.

2. They’re behind a 8-year old website which is up for sale

The website was registered in 2005, eight years ago! That’s when it was created for the sole purpose of selling it to anyone who expressed an interest in purchasing it. The current owner is looking to sell the site because of financial difficulties, and a recent CPN post is soliciting interest in purchasing it.

3. They’re not journalists

In a previous attack article on another media outlet, Christian Patriot News stated that they “are simply Media Outlets and work under the same guidelines as all other Media Outlets.” However, 12 out of 15 articles published by CPN are written by J. Lee Grady, who isn’t even credentialed as a journalist!

4. They’re hypocritical in their criticism

Christian Patriot News criticized media outlets for being biased in the past. However, each of their 17 articles attacking the media has been written by J. Lee Grady. In addition, CPN has published one article―opposing gun control―by a teacher who was not even a credentialed journalist!

5. They’re a threat to free speech

Christian Patriot News regularly writes articles attacking the media, which is no surprise considering that they have as many as 2200 people who visit their site every day! However, CPN will actually publish comments from readers thanking them for their attacks on the media and criticizing other news sites for failing to print them.

6. They’re not concerned about the First Amendment

Christian Patriot News has published two articles on the First Amendment, and both of these were written by J. Lee Grady. However, it is pointed out in a commentator’s response to one of Grady’s articles that CPN has posted comments praising them for attacking free speech rather than criticizing them!

7. They don’t care what their readers think

Christian Patriot News has 7 registered members, who visit the site once every 3 days or so. The typical visitor is a scorned conservative guy who took offense at being called a liberal by his conservative friends and family. However, the only person who comments on these articles is J. Lee Grady. Another reader said that the owner of CPN doesn’t care what the readers think because he’s an atheist. He has no moral obligation to keep his word to his readers just because they have given him money so that he can “peddle” anti-liberal propaganda!

8. They’re not for free markets

The site consists of one article by Grady, who is a former U.S. Navy officer and part-time blogger (he claims to be a full time freelance writer). He offers his thoughts on why free-markets aren’t important and instead advocates government regulation over them!

9. They don’t care about the truth

Christian Patriot News published a piece in 2009 condemning MSNBC for airing an obituary for Osama bin Laden. However, it is pointed out in another article on the site that CPN is lying about the death of Bin Laden.

10. They’re hypocritical in their support for President Trump

The only posts from CPN criticizing President Trump are written by J. Lee Grady (who has been three times complimented by readers). In addition, they published an article praising him (which was written by a guest author who wasn’t even credentialed as a journalist) and one criticizing him. However all of these articles have been written by J. Lee Grady who isn’t exactly unbiased!

11. They’re an embarrassment to Christians

Christian Patriot News published seven articles praising President Trump. However, only one of these articles was written by an actual Christian (Grady). The other six have been written by non-journalists who aren’t even credentialed as writers!


Christian Patriot News is a propaganda site which is aimed at trying to promote anti-liberal ideas and criticizes the media. However, some of their articles are written by J. Lee Grady. In addition, their one post criticizing President Trump has been written by a non-journalist and the rest of their articles have been written by non-journalists!

The owner of Christian Patriot News is willing to sell his website due to financial difficulties. As I’m sure you can imagine, being an atheist, I’d be more than happy to pay him for his “services” as an independent journalist!


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