So you want to be a writer? That’s great. There are so many different ways to get started as a writer, but no matter how you choose to approach it, like straighten your crown quotes, you’ll be happy with the new skills and knowledge your journey will bring. The two most difficult parts of becoming a writer are overcoming doubt and pursuing the craft without any outside encouragement or support.

8 reasons to fall in love with writing are:

1. It is fun. 

All sorts of things are fun, but writing is pure excitement. Whether you are writing an article or a song, a poem or a blog post , it is the act of creation that is absolutely thrilling. You can learn or do just about anything you want. There is no subject that is off limits to a writer. A writer can learn about history or math, science or philosophy and make any new subject absolutely fascinating. You can’t help but write when you are excited about a project.

2. It brings out your inner artist. 

There is no question about your artistic side once you start writing, and you will find yourself wanting to write all the time. Of course there has to be some writing talent in us to even contemplate it, but there’s usually a spectrum of writing talent running throughout the world which ranges from brilliant writers to world class scribblers and everything in between. A writer often finds his or her true artistic voice through writing or reading as well as through expressing their thoughts through painting, music, dance and other art forms.

3. It’s creative. 

It’s a natural and interesting way to express thoughts and opinions, as well as an entertaining way of entertaining yourself. Writing is a creative act. You can craft the words, ideas, images and scenes to fit your needs. You can express what you understand about life in the world, or what you want the world to be by helping others see it in a different light. Whether you are communicating hype about a product or just promoting a cause for change, there is always an opportunity for writing that signifies something special and exciting to someone else.

4. It teaches self-discipline and perseverance. 

Writers are committed to their craft, and that commitment is rewarded with success. The fact that you have found a creative outlet for your passion will inspire you to keep going after the obstacles and frustrations start to become too much. Writing can be the ticket for those who struggle with organization or time management. If you have trouble getting your thoughts down on paper, it may be because you are hesitant about what others will think of you or how much work it will be. You get used to saying no when people ask you to do things when you want something more meaningful in return. You learn that writing is love of the process. When it comes to your personal life, you learn to accept that you can’t always be right and that it’s OK to let go of something you don’t think you can live without.

5. It expands your worldview. 

As a writer, you are constantly learning. Some say writing is learning without limits, but there’s no need to limit yourself to only writing about what you know. It’s important to challenge yourself and look at the world in new ways. People who write publish their ideas, thoughts, experiences and observations in books, magazines and new media. They are ambassadors for their ideas. The words they use make a difference in the world around them, shaping attitudes and attitudes toward the issues they take on through their writing. They have an impact.

6. It is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Your writing can entertain, inform, teach and persuade long after you are gone. The people who read and use your material will be impacted by your words for years to come. For example, the newspaper you read today could have content on their site that was written back in the 1990s or even the 1800s!

7. It is a business necessity. 

There are few businesses that do not need some form of written communication to stay competitive in today’s marketplace and economy. A writer not only creates words and images, but is also the keeper of their business’s image and voice. Many professional sports and other athletic associations have a full-time writer on staff so they can keep up with their customers, fans, competitors and even the media.

8. It can be your passion while you are still alive. 

You will never be certain that you are a true writer until you have completed your first book or written more than one book – no matter how prolific or popular in today’s marketplace that may be. A career as a writer may not be for everyone, but it is definitely for many people who decide to jump into the deep end of publishing.


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