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With cancer, chemotherapy is the go-to treatment. This therapy is an aggressive way to fight and stop cancerous tumors while still small. A new tongue-in-cheek approach to this type of medication is that patients consume Lazarus Naturals CBD gummies during chemotherapy: cannabis containing edible, which has been shown in previous research to have anti-tumor properties and help with easing side effects. 

The benefits of consuming these gummies while on chemo are numerous. You should consult a specialist for the dosage and intake frequency, but the results have been promising. Many people turn to cannabidiol gummies because they don’t taste awful and are easy to swallow. They’re also affordable and discreet.

The article in this blog post discusses the benefits of consuming these gummies while on your chemo treatment. There are varying opinions from doctors about whether or not it is safe to drink the drug during chemotherapy. It will help determine which side you believe and why and give your idea in the comments section.

Benefits Of Consuming CBD Gummies While On Chemo

Chemo is challenging to be a cancer patient in many ways, but people use cannabis to treat chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting. It is an excellent way of adding your favorite drug to your daily diet while undergoing chemotherapy. Many patients seek ways to complement their therapy, and cannabidiol treats do that. This well-known drug can help with many different symptoms and conditions related to cancer treatment, including pain, nausea, fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety, and more.

Numerous studies have supported CBD’s anti-cancer potential. There is evidence that it can reduce the growth of prostate and lung tumors, induce cell death in colon, lung, and brain cancer cells and decrease the spread (metastasis) of breast cancer. However, most of these studies are in vitro or animal studies.

Although there is limited scientific evidence and it is not strong, CBD, THC, or a combination thereof may effectively relieve specific cancer symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, and chemotherapy-induced nausea. There are currently only a few human studies that have looked at CBD’s anti-cancer properties.

Here are some examples:

1. One study included 119 patients with cancer. Most of the cases were metastatic, and conventional treatments had failed. They used the CBD oil on a three-day basis, on a three-day off schedule. Most patients experienced a reduction in cancer, including a smaller tumor. And at the end, they did not report any side effects from cannabidiol.

2. An older man who has lung cancer chose to self-administer CBD oil instead of traditional chemotherapy and radiation. A CT scan showed that the oil had caused a near-total reduction in his lung tumors and a decrease in the number of lymph nodes in his chest.

3. Two patients with aggressive gliomas, a type of brain cancer, were treated with capsules along with chemotherapy and a multidrug treatment. The treatment was successful in both patients. There was no evidence of disease progression for at least two years.

4. The United States has approved Marinol (dronabinol) and Cesamet (nabilone). They did it to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea or vomiting. Dronabinol helps improve the quality of life for cancer patients by enhancing their taste, appetite, and sleep.

These studies are minor and do not include a control group. Therefore, one cannot draw definitive conclusions. They have sparked further interest in CBD’s potential role in cancer treatment.

What Do Doctors Say About It?

Evidence shows that some patients undergoing cancer treatment have experienced positive results. Doctors are very aware of the benefits of a daily dose of CBD. They mainly say that these topicals may interfere with certain prescription drugs, but there is no definitive research on this issue yet.

Chemo destroys your immune system, and it works by killing off cancer cells. The other thing lurking in the background here is that cancer patients often search for a new way to cope with their condition. Some are using the oil or gummies to relieve pain and even help deal with nausea. Cannabidiol toffees and elixirs are gaining popularity to help with the side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. The gummies may help alleviate nausea, vomiting, and pain during chemotherapy or radiation treatments. It is especially true for children undergoing chemo treatment who often lose their appetite because of the pain from chemo side effects. There is some proof that the popular drug may help reduce the severity of some types of seizures, too.

Many cancer patients have improved their quality of life by using CBD products. So, doctors want people to know that consuming the treats is legal under federal law in all 50 states and Washington DC. If you are on chemotherapy, you may qualify for a free prescription from your doctor under federal law.

How To Use It? – Its Dosage & Frequency

CBD gummies are a great alternative to THC edibles. These are a great way to take CBD naturally, but you need to be careful about dosage and frequency. The recommended dosage is 1-4 mg per day, and the best way to consume it is through oil or tinctures. 

You should consider not consuming too much or getting high. Cannabidiol oil is generally too strong for oral ingestion, so this method can be more effective. It would help if you took it on an empty stomach around 30 minutes before eating/drinking anything. However, The recommended frequency of taking the gummies depends on your specific medical condition. However, it is once every five days – once a week. Since it is impossible to know how your body will react to various doses of medication, we generally recommend starting low and working up slowly.

If you’re not sure how this will impact other medications your doctor may have prescribed, talk to them first!


When doctors prescribe chemo, they often include a prescription for gummies that contain cannabidiol or CBD. These gummies help with nausea and other side effects of chemo. Although there is some evidence that the drug may help with cancer in some small ways, there is not enough information on the topic to recommend it as a treatment plan.

The FDA has said that cannabidiol oil comes from industrial hemp, not marijuana. The oil is legal in all states, but only through a prescription. Some say cannabidiol can help because it helps the body absorb the medicine, and others say it can’t hurt since it’s all-natural. The bottom line is to talk to your doctor about how to use CBD oil before starting any new supplements, whether or not you’re already on chemotherapy.

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