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I’m Clyde, founder and CEO of Ballroom Dance Ltd., a small company in the UK. We’re currently struggling to stay afloat because our current customers don’t have enough money to pay our prices.

I’d like you to help us raise awareness about dance in general, and my business in particular.

What would happen if you could surprise the world? I mean, what would happen if you could do something that people weren’t expecting from you? You’d have their attention – and that’s when you’d have your chance to persuade them.

Did you know that clyde wants to raise the profile of his dance school. a “display network” campaign can help him

My business is a dancing school – we teach people to dance. We provide classes in Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence (or ‘American’) dancing, and various other styles.

We won our local business award last year and we’ve also been featured in the local newspapers on two separate occasions (a couple of years apart). But despite these successes, our business is struggling to survive.

Here are some points discussed about Clyde-

1. Lack of money:

We need to buy new weights, more mirrors, and new stools – not to mention the fact that we can’t afford to pay our staff.

We don’t want to run out of money, because that would lower the quality of our services. However, we simply can’t afford to continue to pay what we do.

2. Competition:

There are competitors who already know the techniques and type of dances we offer. These competitors can feel free to copy us at no risk – and they do, with little fear of legal action or persecution. 

Since a lot of them practice in our hall at least twice a week, they have enough skill (and then some) to copy us effectively on an ongoing basis. We don’t have the resources that they do – and as a result, there’s nothing we can do about it if they try and take advantage of us.

3. Interest:

The local businesses in this area are generally very interested in ballroom dancing as a whole, but they’re only interested in the Ballroom aspect of it, and then to a limited extent – so we can’t count on them to support us. 

There are also businesses and organisations which will be interested in what we have to offer (I’m sure of this), but they’ll be too busy to work with us – based on some past experiences.

4. Support:

We have been supported by our local press and council – but they can only do so much, especially given the economic climate at the moment. If they cut us loose, then we’ll be in a very difficult position.

We’ve also received assistance and donations from people in the past, but since those events we’ve stopped receiving any further support or assistance.

5. Money:

Our net profit was £600 per week last year, and this year it’s been £200 – that’s less than half of what we would get from customers. As a result, our income has dropped to basically nothing, and we can’t afford to pay our staff.

We don’t expect you to cough up the entire business immediately – but we would like you to consider giving us something.

– Clyde Wants To Raise The Profile Of His Dance School

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I was younger, so I started out by doing a job (a paramedic) but after four months decided that it wasn’t for me (too boring).

I then tried doing work experience as a waiter, but my boss didn’t like my approach to serving. He basically told me that he thought I was being cocky – and I told him that I don’t think that service is an art form.

So basically, I wasn’t very successful at either job. After both jobs, I had to go back to my parents’ house in tears (embarrassed).

I’m writing to you because I believe that you have something I can use – a reputation, some authority and so on.

This is my first attempt at fundraising, and if it doesn’t work, I may have to try something else to raise the money I need.

Clyde sat at his desk, frowning as he read through his email again. He’d been updating this blog for some time now in order to raise awareness of the work he’s been doing with his students on a daily basis.

You won’t see me advertising for donations (at least not on this website), but I’ve listed my bank account details below. If you’re feeling generous and would like to help us out, please feel free to send any amounts over to.


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