King of the Iron Fist Mordekaiser has a popular build that involves lots of lifesteal and health regen, but is he worth building in 2018?

In this article, I will analyze what’s changed since Morde’s release in 2009 which make him less competitive. 

Additionally, I’ll talk about the problems mordekaiser still has in today’s meta. Finally, I’ll conclude by explaining why Mordekaiser is still viable despite his current trade-off against other champions in the current meta.

Here is the answer for, can you cleanse mordekaiser ult?

Currently, Morde excels at doing a lot of damage quickly while taking a lot of life back from his opponents. His level 1 Dragon’s Descent provides a shield that allows him to perform a level 2 all-in dash to the enemy turret. 

In addition, his ability to farm minions easily will give him a higher income than typical laners at similar elos. 

Here are some points about can you cleanse mordekaiser ult-

1. Mordekaiser’s Level 1 Dragon’s Descent at full health.

It gives him a passive shield of 546 health every 6 seconds. This can be applied right away to minions or champions in order to survive the level 2 fight. 

Mordekaiser is one of the few champions that can oppress his lane opponent at level 2, even when he hasn’t purchased any items yet. 

This makes it harder for champions to play around Morde’s level 2 power spike in order to get ahead.

Once Mordekaiser reaches his level 3, he has the potential to dish out about 700 damage in just 1 second. 

This is higher than most champions can burst at their best times. If Morde gets ahead early in the game, it’s difficult for opponents to catch up against his damage or killing power in lane.

2. Mordekaiser’s Life Steal and Health Regen allow him to heal up quickly.

Mordekaiser is one of few champions in the game who can essentially “self heal” in teamfights because of his lifesteal and health regen. At 5% life steal, he can gain up to 854 health per second if he remains at full health. 

Additionally, Mordekaiser has a large 650 bonus life steal on top of his base lifesteal which makes him even more dangerous if he gets ahead early.

3. Morde can harass out of dragon fights with Dragon’s Descent active.

This ability provides Mordekaiser with a shield for himself and nearby teammates which gives him the survivability to burst down 1 or 2 champions in teamfights without dying too easily. 

This is especially helpful in situations where Morde goes all-in with his ultimate, killing off 3 champions before dying.

4. Dragon’s Descent can be used as a macro-skill for Mordekaiser.

Mordekaiser with two health globes and Dragon’s Descent can instantly regain nearly 1000 health after using his ultimate to initiate a fight with the shield. 

It’s important for him to have these globes available early so he doesn’t get kited too easily in fights.

5. Morde can stay relevant late into the game with survivability items.

Mordekaiser is more or less self sufficient, even without many items on him just because of his lifesteal and health regen from abilities and masteries. 

Buy a Trinity Force if you think he might soon be soloing games because of strong teamwork, but it’s not necessary for him to buy a Frozen Heart.

The above items also give Mordekaiser much needed damage to be able to finish off carries such as Zed and Vladimir. If you feel he’ll be able to stay relevant throughout the game without these items, then don’t be afraid to give him a Tiamat or Abyssal Mask. 

This could also be useful if he thinks that he’ll die frequently without any items and is looking for a way to survive and try and defeat the enemy team during teamfights.

6. Morde can contribute to team fights even without items.

Mordekaiser’s ability to take hits and heal back up makes him a decent tank and can allow him to take up a front line position without dying too easily. 

Additionally, he’ll be able to stay at full health during fights because of his lifesteal and health regen which makes him even more scary than other tanks who may have less sustained damage.

7. Morde has strong peel with his ultimate.

While his low amount of health makes him vulnerable if he tries to go in to initiate fights, he is one of the few champions in the game who can initiate team fights with his ultimate. 

This makes him safer than most champions when pushing lanes or trying to win an all-in lane fight. If you are against a team stacking attack damage, this may be your most valuable ability in certain situations.


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