Outdoor street or sidewalk signs are amazing marketing tools for small business owners. They use these low-cost signs for advertising offers, promotional deals, and their brands in specific locations and communities. Plus, studies have proved that placing well-designed signs on the street or on the sidewalk can lead to impulse buys.

The New York State Small-Business Development Center recently reported that businesses that use street/sidewalk signs sell more. Custom-printed advertising signs that are easily visible to passersby can benefit businesses in various ways. Here are some other reasons why companies invest in these street/sidewalk signs –

  • Convenience: These signs are typically made of durable, waterproof materials. They hold up for long periods, even in harsh weather conditions. Street signs made of high-grade, fade-resistant materials like propylene or PVC can last for years without requiring maintenance.
  • Storage: These signs are flat and lightweight. They’re super easy to move around, transport, and store. Brand leaders can carry these signs across various locations to give their brands maximum exposure.
  • Low-Cost: Not only do these signs last long, but their initial costs are also very low. Custom-printing these signs doesn’t cost much either. For a small sum, brand leaders can easily build an extensive collection of these marketing signs.
  • Location-Specific: Since these signs are lightweight and portable, brand leaders can install them in various locations. They can target high-traffic areas of their communities and ensure several customers are exposed to their marketing signs.

Well-designed street and sidewalk signs are also very memorable. This quality makes them highly effective marketing tools. They’re also cheap, so they can be used for limited-time promotional campaigns. However, the “memorability” of these signs depends on how they are printed. Using the right printing technique to create your advertising signs is vital.

What is UV Printing?

UV printing is the process of using UV-resistant inks to custom print signs, banners, posters, etc. In the advertising world, this technique is also known as direct-to-substrate printing. That’s because the inks are printed directly onto the receiving substrates. The ink permanently adheres itself to the substrate.

Hence, these prints don’t need surface protection. The sun’s harsh UV rays cannot damage these inks. Water or atmospheric moisture can’t cause these inks to fade. Your signs won’t need glass, plex, or other types of lamination protection either. That’s why brand leaders must insist that their sign sellers offer UV printing.

Why Choose UV Printing?

Here are some reasons why UV printing is right for your signs –

  • UV inks don’t release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). They’re safer for the environment.
  • UV inks on scratch-resistant surfaces like vinyl are super-durable. These signs have an amazingly high tolerance to sunlight damage, water damage, and mishandling.
  • UV printing is also faster. That’s because UV inks cure instantly when they’re mounted on the sign’s surface.
  • UV printed signs are cheaper because they last longer. These signs also don’t need to be protected by laminates or protective coatings.

These are the reasons why your next set of custom marketing signs need to be UV printed!

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