Borderlands 2 is a 2009 shooter RPG hybrid game developed by Gearbox Software. There are 40 achievements that require gamers to complete various tasks in order to unlock them. One of these achievements is called “Follow the Glow”. 

To get this achievement, gamers need to find all of the power cells scattered throughout Pandora; they will appear as blue dots on your map when you get close enough and return them safely to their source at Eridium Pump Station. The achievement is worth 20 gamerscore points.

Obtaining the achievement is worth 20 gamerscore points. The lumens that are required to unlock it are displayed on the right. Completing all of the missions of the game will amount to about 2000 lumens. 

Here is an introduction to the factual blog post about borderlands 2 follow the glow.

Lumens are obtained by killing enemies, completing missions, and defeating bosses. Once you have collected enough lumens, it will take about 500-700 lumens to unlock this achievement.

Borderlands 2 was an action role-playing first-person shooter video game and the sequel to 2009’s Borderlands. The game was released in North America, Europe and Australia on September 18, 2012.

“Borderlands 2” builds on the gameplay of its predecessor with the inclusion of further character customization options such as character skills and an improved loot system. 

Players can transfer their characters and items between both games, with compatibility between “Borderlands 2” and “The Pre-Sequel ”. The game also features local four-player co-operative play similar to that in “”.

1.Borderlands 2 is a game that uses the FPS (first person shooting) mode. 

FPS is an acronym for First Person Shooter. The game gives players control over a single player in the game.

This game is different from other FPS games, in that it gives the player an equal chance to approach any conflict using any of his character’s skills and abilities.

This is unlike the majority of other FPS games, where players are limited to using one set of skills at a time.

2. It is an action game.

Action games are usually played with two main objectives:-

They are either:-

These games include shooting elements and puzzles. They involve the same player skill but different strategies for solving the game objective at hand. 

The game is made fun by triggering explosions, having enemies run towards you only to be killed, and killing an enemy that was previously shooting at you. 

This is how Borderlands 2 operates. It provides the player with all the equipment needed to win any fight against his enemies, no matter how big or small they are. He has all he needs to finish whatever objective he may have in mind (for example: killing boss monsters, looting valuable items).

3.Borderlands 2 is a competitive game.

Competitive games are usually played by two or more players, who compete against each other to defeat the objective of the game. These games have a set scheme of rules, which the players follow throughout their session. 

The scheme is usually governed by a general goal. For example: a competitive game may involve team play within a ‘league’ setup, where teams compete against each other to achieve certain objectives towards winning or keeping a particular rank in the league. 

This competitive scheme means that there is always one reason for fighting and fighting, and another reason for fighting and fighting again (within this same session).

4.It is an RPG (role-playing game).

Role-playing games are usually played by a few players or by a single player. They involve character creation, which is followed by the development of that character throughout the game. RPGs provide a means to role play ones’ self into a fictional setting and time. 

At the beginning of the RPG, one selects a gender, race and class for his character before taking a journey into a fantasy world. A race is an identifiable group that possesses specific traits that distinguish it from other groups within its setting. 

A class is essentially what kind of work or profession your character will do during his stay in this fantasy world.

5.It is an action loot game.

Action loot games are one of the most popular genres of video games. They involve collecting items or weapons along the way of the game, which are meant to help players progress more quickly in their journey towards winning the objective of the game.

6.It is a persistent persistent world game.

Lots of things happen in this world and they add up to add to replay value.- enough so so you feel like you came back fresh again, when you return to this world after a month off .


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