From bandits to zombies, Borderlands 2’s cast is as diverse as it is formidable. This post will analyse just some of the game’s major characters.

All Vault Hunters have their own distinct personalities, skill sets and talents that help them excel in combat situations. 

Fans of Borderlands will love playing as one of the numerous characters that have been added into the sequel. It is a unique video game with many aspects from other genres, such as RPG’s and MOBAs. 

To become familiar with some of the different classes in Borderlands 2, this article will analyse each character from Game Informer’s list on their website . 

Here is information about the borderlands 2, what do you mean theoretically?

After reading this article, as well as the “Class Analysis: Light Power” article by Game Informer , you will be able to play as one of your favorite characters from Borderlands 2. 

The analysis was done with Console versions on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


The Borderlands franchise is known for its video game humor and fun gameplay, and is a very unique fantasy RPG that has no problem standing out from the crowd. The sequel features a variety of new characters, and some old ones too! As usual, we will be analysing each character in the order they were presented in the character list .

Breakdown of the Game Informer characters:

The four characters in this breakdown will be Krieg, Axton , Maya and Gaige . The reason for this is because they are in order presented by Game Informer. The original four characters in Borderlands were Roland , Mordecai , Lilith and Brick.

I will explain different parts in each character’s analysis to explain their roles, strengths and weaknesses. 

Each aspect will be described strictly from my point of view, explaining what I think about them using examples from my own gameplay with said character. 

The breakdown will include the following aspects: Attributes , Walkthroughs , Abilities & Upgrades , Weapons & Combat Strategy .

Krieg: Attributes

The following features will be analysed for Krieg: Health , Shield , Grenade Capacity and Grenades . These attributes will be analysed in depth in relation to the amount, and importance in each and every one of Krieg’s loadouts.


Krieg has a maximum health of 273. This may seem very low when compared to the other characters mentioned in this list, but with his Berserker skill tree he can increase his health to 531 (on Normal Mode). 

With my experience playing as Krieg through the story line on Normal Mode, I believe this is not enough health for such a powerful character, especially with the amount of enemies that attack at once. 

Krieg is a very aggressive character and I would like to see his health increase.


Krieg has a maximum shield of 100. This may seem low when compared to the other Vault Hunters in Borderlands 2, but with his Mania skill tree he can increase his shields to 400 (on Normal Mode). 

I believe that this shield amount is good enough for Krieg depending on how you use your shield. Krieg has a lot of skills that lead into melee attacks, which means the player will have less need for shields.

Here are just some of the game’s many fascinating characters:

Janey Springs owns one of the largest ammunition factories on Pandora, which has allowed her to amass a fortune in cash and weapons. 

Despite her business acumen she’s not afraid to jump into battle herself with a sawed-off shotgun or sniper rifle at hand. 

She’s killed more bandits than most due to her outstanding work ethic – she’s the kind of woman that won’t stand being sold short, even if it means taking on a bandit camp single-handed.

Lilith is the siren you first meet in Borderlands 2 , who helps you complete the game’s opening mission. She can use Phaselock to slow down enemies. Once maxed out, her Phaseblast skill allows her to detonate enemies close on impact with a shockwave.

Mordecai – A hunter on his own quest for revenge, Mordecai has some impressive skills that make him a very valuable ally during your adventures on Pandora. He uses a sniper rifle to pick off enemies from afar, and can call on his pet Bloodwing to help drive enemy hordes away.

Tiny Tina – As the pint-sized explosives expert you meet in the Vault Hunters’ hideout in Sanctuary, Tiny Tina is a fun character with a deadly array of explosive toys. 

She treats her explosives as if they were slumber party favours and likes to hang out with a group of friends called The Rats.


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