If you believe these 8 myths about John Kerry scooter, you are not thinking straight.

John Kerry is a man of many talents who has attained more than most people in this country. His ability to adapt seamlessly is what has allowed him to excel and stay relevant through decades of American history. However, there are certain things that he has been a victim of on account of his last name.

8 myths about John Kerry Scooter are:

1. He is a descendant of the Revolutionary War Generals.

John Kerry’s ancestor, Captain John Limited, was killed in 1781 during the Battle of the Black Cliffs. The only thing of value that he carried on in his lifetime was a small silver cup that is supposedly valued at $42.5 million (roughly equal to roughly 90% of all wealth created in the United States by anyone and anything) . Of course, for this valuable item to be passed down from generation to generation it would need to have done so several times over and no one seems to know if it actually has been passed down at all.

2. He is descended from a member of the Mayflower who was on the ship with George Washington.

According to prominent genealogists, John Kerry is linked to the 42nd great grandfather of George Washington, who is actually not a member of the Mayflower and was not on the ship with Washington. Washington. Not true. The only thing that has been passed down through this family was an old gardening hoe that most likely did not make it past the early 80s.

3. He jumped out of a helicopter in Vietnam.

The video of this purported jump has been repeatedly shown to be doctored. This is probably due to the fact that there is no proof of this event in the historical record, and most people do not take celebrity gossip as a credible source. John Kerry was a member of the US Navy during the Vietnam War; he never served in Vietnam and never even went there. Additionally, he had been deployed before he ever joined the military and couldn’t have jumped out of a helicopter if he wanted to as it would have been way too high up for anyone to jump off of, let alone someone who was serving on a boat in combat operations at the time.

4. His ancestors were doctors.

No one in this family has ever been a doctor, lawyer or anything other than a failed businessman. The closest that they have come is to being a dentist. The claim that is most commonly heard about the Kerry family is that they were doctors and even that his great-great-great grandfather was a doctor in Massachusetts. However, there is no record of either of these things ever being true.

5. He is related to the Queen of England.

The claim that Kerry and his family are related to the Queen of England is just another theory that was spawned by a single line in a book called “The Descendants of Edward I, King of England”. The only thing in common between John Kerry and Queen Elizabeth II is that both of them are extremely old, according to those who believe this myth. This rumor has been around for years and it’s completely false.

6. He made $1 million a month when he was an officer in the Navy.

It’s true that John Kerry actually made a lot of money during his time in the Navy. However, he wasn’t actually making $1 million a month since the base pay for commissioned officers was only $325 per month. Additionally, he only made this much money as an officer since he also had to have paid taxes on it.

7. He owns a fleet of private jets.

While John Kerry does own several private jets, he does not actually own any private jets as a whole fleet. He doesn’t own them as individual aircraft and there is no evidence to prove that he owns even one private jet. Not true. John Kerry doesn’t own any private jets whatsoever. In fact, there is no evidence that his family ever owned any private jets at all over the course of their lifetime either .

8. He is a member of Skull & Bones.

It is true that John Kerry was a member of Skull & Bones (a secret society at Yale University that was established in 1832). However, he has never made any secret claims about the group and there are no records at Yale proving that he has been lying about it any time during his life.


Do you believe these myths?

This article is meant to spread awareness of these 8 myths. In the event that they are believed, hopefully there will be some sort of change as a result.

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