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This season of “Are You The One?” is sure to be the most dramatic yet.

It’s a new year with new faces, all ready for the challenge that awaits them.

Who will find love, and who will be left heartbroken? All this week we’ll follow 10 sets of singles as they date each other in hopes of finding their perfect match.

With new members, we have an exciting opportunity to see how this season’s matches are different from previous seasons.

This week we follow Courtney and her perfect match Jake as they go on their first date at the LA County Fair where they attempt to find out if they’re in love or not.

The next day, Courtney meets Derrick for lunch.

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But quickly realizes that he may be a little too eccentric for her liking.

Anthony takes his crush Hannah on a romantic boat ride along with some friends before attending one of the most fashionable parties of the year hosted by Tyler Posey in Malibu Beach!

While Jessica is stuck working late she decides to text Trey who seemed like such a nice guy last night – so what happens? 


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