water, glass, tilted @ Pixabay

Is that transparent?

I have heard this question many times, and I know the answer is not always.

Whether it’s a word meaning clear or an adjective relating to light, transparency has been used in various ways for a long time.

In this blog post, we will explore the history and meanings of transparency as well as its role in design.

One way transparency is used in design, specifically with glass or plastic materials, is to make it into a light filter.

Light can pass through the material while blocking out objects on the other side of the object so that you see your own reflection instead.

crystal, rock crystal, mineral @ Pixabay

Another example would be when window blinds are set up as an overlapping layer which allows for open and closed states depending on what time of day it is outside .

All without sacrificing any external view from inside.

The word “transparent” comes from Latin transparĕre meaning “to shine through.”

The adjective form means something that can easily be seen though because there’s nothing obscuring it (e.g., transparent windows). 


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