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As we come to the final chapter of this epic love story, it is time for a recap so that you can see how far our hero has come.

This past week’s blog post was all about what made James Bowe and his wife Sarah Cordner such a perfect match.

We discovered why they were both drawn to each other even though they are opposites in many ways.

The reason? They share many personality traits that complement each other perfectly!

James has always been a go-getter.

He was raised with the strong belief that he had to work hard and never give up.

Because anything worth doing is going to take some effort.

Sarah also believes this too – she grew up in an environment where her parents showed her how rewarding it can be when you follow your dreams.

While James does not see himself as someone who needs help from others.

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But rather would rather do things on his own if possible, Sarah knows how much more powerful we are together than alone.

Which is why they were drawn together!

We learned last week that sometimes being vulnerable and showing our fragilities helps us grow stronger and become better people.

Both of these amazing individuals knew early in life.


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