If you have even a fleeting understanding of the Batman comics, you may have heard that Joker’s mother was named “Bayonetta.” It is true, and Bayonetta is also the title of a video game. 

But what if I told you that there’s no evidence at all that this woman exists in any form? The 2003 Harley Quinn comic did not mention or even refer to this character not by name, not by species. 

And considering she doesn’t seem to exist in the Arkham video games either, it seems pretty unlikely she ever existed.

We can see here that we have “Joker’s Mom,” although she’s referred to as “Mother” a few times in the story. This might suggest that her name was never actually given.

And if it wasn’t, why would it be stated on the cover? It seems pretty obvious that this character didn’t go by this name at all until much later in 2009.

Here are some points discussed about Are you in the belief that bayonetta joker mom

1. Why would Harley Quinn be Batman’s lover at all? 

This story is set in 1992. She’s wearing a shirt from ’99 and a coat from ’04. Joker is still alive and well. As for why she’d want to be Bruce’s lover instead of Alfred, that’s a bridge too far.

2. Why would Joker kill his own mother? 

I can only assume he didn’t, or it was implied that he did through confusion since she is supposed to be dead by the time this story takes place.

3. Why would Joker be the one to tell Batman about “Bayonetta’s” identity? 

It doesn’t seem like a logical choice, but this story is written by out-of-order alternate Batman comics, so who knows. It’s possible they had some knowledge of the future or something.

4. Why would any of this stuff ever appear in a Joker comic? 

Maybe it was an omen or something similar. I don’t know, really. I just thought we should be aware that there is absolutely no real evidence in any form that the character exists anywhere outside of these pages.

So what do you think? I’d like to know. For now, I’ll leave you with the original story in its entirety.

Some months ago, a mysterious woman appeared near the Manor, coming and going at will; and the police inquired concerning her identity and purpose in our midst, but were told that she was not a resident of Arkham! 

This caused a great deal of consternation among the populace; for who is so eccentric as to reside totally alone in a towering stone structure, surrounded by pitch blackness save for artificial lights? At any rate, she managed to elude detection for some time.

5. Why would a Joker comic even exist at all? 

If you’re going to enjoy anything about this story, it’s that it wholly disregards the rules of its own continuity. It’s also written by Charlie Huston, who I hear is pretty rad.

6. Why does Harley Quinn have a hyena fixation? 

I’ve always been fascinated by their croak-like voices, their leering grins…perhaps because I love hyenas so much myself! I have several stuffed animals; and consider them my greatest friends. They are also very loyal, as I am myself.

7. What happened to Batman? 

If he’s not in Arkham Asylum, where did he go? Did he even exist at all in this world? The answer is yes; and the story makes no mention of him being deceased at all. 

This further shows that there is neither evidence nor allusion to this woman, “Bayonetta,” existing anywhere outside of these pages. It’s not enough evidence to prove she doesn’t exist, but it does suggest she probably didn’t or that if she did, it was long before 1992.

8. What happened to Joker after the events of “The Dark Knight Returns?” 

I suppose he’s dead here. Or not. We only have this story to go on.

9. Why do so many alternate Batman comics exist? 

I honestly don’t know. But I prefer the more down-to-earth look at Batman’s continuity, so hey, I’m glad someone else does too! As far as alternate monologues go, these ones are pretty amusing and funny. 

Not a lot of people have read this story yet or will ever bother with it because of how bizarre it is compared to canon, which seems odd to me; for it’s truly one of my favorites and reminds me of why I love comics in general.


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