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“Down on the River” by Randy Newman is a song about a man who decides to end his life.

The lyrics are filled with metaphors and imagery that paint an emotional picture for the listener. It’s a sad, but beautiful song that you should give a listen to if you haven’t heard it before!

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I found myself down at the river I was looking for a place to jump in. And these two guys come up and say, “Hey man what’s your hurry?” Now they’re trying to talk me out of jumping.

They act like my dad and my old buddy Joe One says he has faith that things will get better. The other one tells me not to give up hope. So we sit there by the riverside all night long Talkin’ it over from every side but the end result is still suicided. This song conveys such an intense sense of sadness.

It reminds us about how some people have difficult lives. This also shows how important it is to ask someone if they are considering ending their life before doing anything rash! __


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