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If you’re done with your blog post, congratulations! You have successfully created a masterpiece. Now it’s time to publish it and share it with the world.

But before we do that, there are some additional steps you should take in order to make sure your content gets found by people who want to read it.

How to publish your blog post?

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There are many ways you can share your content with the world. The first is by publishing it on a blogging platform, such as WordPress or Blogger.

It’s best to use these platforms if they’re what you started with when creating this post because they have several additional features which will help in promoting and growing your audience (more tips below!).

If you published this piece of content somewhere else originally, then make sure that wherever it lives online has an RSS feed available for syndication; otherwise, create an account on one of those sites specifically so that we know where the RSS feed should be hosted at!


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