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There are many ways to settle disputes.

Some people use violence, others use the law, and some people use a more peaceful approach like mediation or arbitration.

The most effective way to settle a dispute is not always clear cut because every situation is different.

This blog post will go over the various options in detail so that you can find what works best for you!

Keywords: conflict resolution, dispute, mediation If you want to resolve the conflict peacefully.

And avoid hurting others while still getting what you need then arbitration is a good option.

This type of settlement involves two people or groups coming together with an impartial third person who will make a decision for both parties without giving either party greater power than the other.

One downside i

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s that if it doesn’t work out then there’s no going back so it has to be something both sides agree on from the start!

Another option would be using mediators in cases when one side does not trust the other enough to talk face-to-face yet are willing to have someone else involved in order to keep things civil and productive.

Mediators do this by talking separately with each side.


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