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Are you looking to listen to an entertaining podcast that discusses music?

If so, then this is the blog post for you! I found a few podcasts that talk about music and share some of their best episodes. So if you are not a fan of reading blogs or articles, then these podcasts will be perfect for you!

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The Entertaining Music Podcast: Interesting and Fun Talks on Music

Description: This podcast talks about many different types of music. It also includes some interviews with well-known musicians or people involved in the industry.

The Sonic Dissonance Podcast: A Music Inspired Discussion on Current Events and Pop

Culture Description: The official description for this podcast is, “Wherein we discuss topics from everything to politics, reactions to world events, pop culture obsessions, new releases as well as reviews of movies both old and new!”

I think that sums up what they talk about pretty accurately so here’s a snippet of one of their episodes where they discussed Kanye West’s latest album release “ye.” “Kanye has been very vocal lately via Twitter (a social media app).


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