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Service here at YouTube is something we take pride in. Whether you’re a creator, advertiser, or viewer, your experience on YouTube should be excellent — and that includes the ads!

We know ad quality is important to you because it’s important to us.

That’s why we’re announcing a new standard for video advertisements on our platform?

“Ad Quality” (AQ). AQ guidelines will provide clear expectations of what constitutes an “acceptable” ad experience for viewers with more stringent requirements for advertisers who want their ads shown alongside content in higher-quality feeds like Watch Next and Top Videos.

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What does it mean for you as a creator?

As creators, we know that when the ads are relevant and high-quality, they actually enhance your experience. That’s why any AQ ad will be clearly marked with “Ad Quality” in its title or thumbnail to give viewers confidence in what they’re watching.

How do I make sure my videos comply?

YouTube is rolling out this new standard over the coming weeks so if your video content appears primarily on non-AQ feeds like Trending Videos, Incoming Feed (Content Suggestions), or Recommended Channels Near You then you don’t need to worry about anything at all — those videos will still show Ad Quality Ads by default. 


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