cat, flower, kitten @ Pixabay

I like to imagine that you are a cat. I am not sure why, but it makes me happy. You are a beautiful cat- and as such, you deserve the best life possible. That is why I will be discussing how to take care of your four-legged friend- erm.. um.. whatever this thing is? Anyway!

Let’s get started with some basic care tips for felines (because I am imagining that you are one). – Make sure you get enough water. Cats should drink around 12 ounces per day, but that is a rough guideline and each cat can be different.

cat, getiegert, tiger @ Pixabay

Some cats enjoy the taste of mineral or artesian waters more than tap water. You might have to experiment with what your kitty likes best! I also recommend getting a variety of flavors so it doesn’t get too boring for them 🙂 

Feeding time is an important part of caring for your little furry buddy as well. Because they eat less often than we do, ensure breakfast and dinner are hearty portions without much filler (which could lead to digestive issues). And make sure to feed them high-quality food brands like Beneful which will keep their fur shiny from head to tail.


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