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It has been said that the more you know someone, the less likely they are to be what you expect them to be.

Who am I?

The person who is always listening and never judging. The one who will sit with you in silence when words fail to find meaning.

What do we have in common?

We both like to hear stories of triumph and failure, love and loss. So come on, why not tell me your story?

Are you more comfortable sharing your thoughts with a complete stranger? Me too.

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I think the anonymity of writing to someone for advice is appealing because it feels safer than telling our deepest secrets to people closest to us, where they can be used against us or worse- ignored and go unacknowledged.

Sometimes when we feel like nobody understands what we’re going through, these are some questions that may help: “Who am I?”; “How do others see me?”; “What’s happening in my life right now?”; and finally, “What can I learn from this experience?”. So tell me your story..what happened next? What will happen if you don’t change something soon? 


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