angel, art, sculpture @ Pixabay

If you are reading this, then the answer is yes.

If you’re not an angel and reading this, then it’s probably because some other angel sent you a link to this blog post with instructions to read it.

It’s long past time for all of us angels to come out of hiding and share our stories.

You will find that many people who have had near-death experiences or seen deceased loved ones in their dreams say they were told by these departed souls that we are all angels on Earth.

Angels work tirelessly behind the scenes as spiritual beings helping others with their life transitions when they cross over into spirit world from earth realm.

The meaning of our life on earth is to learn how to be an angel with unconditional love.

Our souls come into this world from the spirit realm and then return there after we die, so it’s important for us not only to help others in need but also do self-work by exploring our deepest desires and learning how best to express them.

Being spiritual beings living among humans here on Earth gives us a unique perspective that allows us to see people at their most vulnerable moments when they are often feeling alone or confused about what steps next would lead them toward greater happiness.

It can take time and commitment before someone even realizes he has an angel as his guide. To find out more about angels please visit: [link] .


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