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You can’t spell “Ami” without I, Me and Myself! Ami Who?

Is a blog about the author’s personal life.

Topics range from “How to Make Friends Fast” to “Failed Attempts at Online Dating.”

Blog post content goes here. The title of the blog is “Ami Who?”

Which becomes clear when readers delve into the blog posts and find out that they are written by Ami, a single woman who has had her fair share of dating mishaps.

The author does not want to reveal too much about herself in order to maintain anonymity so she only shares what she needs to for an entertaining read.

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She also blogs about other aspects of life such as how you can make friends fast or tips on avoiding online scams!

Her posts show that there are many interesting topics related to singles living alone (such as dealing with roommates).

That need not be relegated just to those people – but this blog focuses mostly on personal experiences from being.


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