Do you ever feel like the people in your life just don’t understand you?

Like they’re always telling you to do things that make no sense, but it’s not really their fault because they don’t know what it’s like. Yeah, I get that too.

It feels awful when people are so oblivious to how we feel and we have no way of explaining it to them.

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Or like there is this big secret part of us that we can never share with anyone else because it would scare them away or hurt their feelings or something worse than that .

And then we wonder why everyone thinks our lives are perfect even though they’re anything but! Well, here are 12 things I wish someone would’ve understood about me before now.

Here are 12 things I wish someone would’ve understood about me before now.

That life is hard irl and even more so when you’re not “normal” in some way.

Sometimes it feels like we never get the opportunity to stop moving, which can be tiring or frustrating depending on our mood at the time.

But also sometimes there’s just this sense of relief knowing that we’ll always have something new and exciting to keep us occupied .

Whether it’s a hobby or an event only people who know what they’re doing seem interested in attending or exploring for novelty sake alone! So honestly?

That could be kind of fun too.

The trick is learning how to balance between letting go and holding ourselves back from anything not.


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