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Do you like horror movies? Do you want to watch some great ones from the comfort of your living room? Check out these awesome dvds that come with a bonus – they are all about fear of the dark!

wolf, stand, walk @ Pixabay

Blair Witch

Blair Witch Project: a horror classic, the Blair Witch Project is all about three student filmmakers who disappear after traveling to Burkittsville in search of the infamous witch. The movie follows the trials and tribulations of their friend’s efforts to find them. This film will terrify you as it did so many others when it was first released back in 199!

The Evil Dead Trilogy: If you like zombies or demons (or both) then this is for you, comprising some of Sam Raimi‚Äôs best work – Army Of Darkness being my personal favorite. These films are known as “splatstick” movies meaning they combine comedy with over-the-top gore which makes these fun while also delivering scares at


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