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Do you enjoy a good scary story? If so, then this is the book for you!

This 12-book series contains dozens of horror stories that will keep your heart racing. These books are perfect for people who love being terrified and want to get their heart rate up while reading.

There are creepy tales like “The Pit” or “Teddy’s Doll,” which will leave you with chills down your spine long after your lights have been turned off. These books are great for readers who like a good scare!

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Book Two: Teddy’s Doll story by Heather Morris

Description of the Story: Teddy and Sarah play with dolls, but when they hit one another, it triggers something that doesn’t seem human about their doll-playing habits.

What will happen to them if no one intervenes? Find out more just below! Rosemary pulled her daughter close to her side as she read aloud from an old copy of Grimm Tales. As she finished reading “Little Red Riding Hood” there was a knock on her door. 


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